Preparing for the return to the office

What employees actually want to see within their working atmosphere

Although employed in an working office may seem such as a distant memory, hope is coming with a go back to office lifestyle predicted for the not-so-distant upcoming.

As companies gear up because of this, BRITA VIVREAU will be on hand to help with making that transition simpler with the start of its two services, the very best & Extra drinking water dispenser systems.

Analysis reveals that:

  • 81% of workers in offices say they’re more worried about office hygiene than previously
  • Over a third (35%) of workers in offices say shared amenities with built-in hygiene measures are very important

So, for facilities supervisors, having communal amenities set up – like drinking water dispensers and coffee devices – which ensure the best hygiene levels possible, will reassure employees because they get accustomed to being back the working office.

Warm on Hygiene
To supply a remedy for workplaces to handle these problems, BRITA VIVREAU has released the very best & Extra techniques which were developed with the best water filtration expert’s special HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technologies.

The ThermalGate™ technology:
✓ Immediately thermally disinfects the wall plug tap at normal intervals to safeguard against retrograde contamination from exterior sources
✓ Is definitely on duty, during inactive phases such as for example overnight or weekends actually, so no manual hard work or chemical substance additives are needed

The optional HygienePlus solution offers a three-zone security program including a pre-filter phase which:
✓ Removes 99.99% of most bacteria
✓ Effectively reduces heavy metals and chlorine
✓ Leaves you with cleaner, clearer, great-tasting drinking water

Have a stance on sustainability
Recent study performed by BRITA VIVREAU discovered that:

  • 82% of workers in offices said sustainability is even more important to them today than ever
  • Almost fifty percent (49%) desire to see their place of work banning single-create use of plastics

With this thought, the very best & Extra techniques help to decrease workplaces’ carbon footprint by encouraging the usage of reusable bottles. In addition, in addition, it doesn’t require any space for storage and you may have lower energy intake from eliminating the necessity to refrigerate water.

High-high quality hydration
Healthful hydration is indeed important to the entire health and fitness of workers. The BRITA filter found in the very best & Extra systems promise nice tasting and safe drinking water making use of your building’s mains-fed offer. The advanced filtration gets rid of undesired particles and odours, such as for example chlorine or natural impurities, and there’s also four different drinking water types available: ambient, chilled and 2 sparkling water varieties continue to.

With nearly half (49%) of workers believing water dispensers certainly are a hygiene hotspot which need extra protection , FMs must ensure that shared facilities not merely meet social distancing guidelines but additionally heightened hygiene rules to place employees’ minds relaxed when coming up with the transition back again to the office.

For more advice on how to ready your working atmosphere for the go back to the office also to see the latest analysis on how employees’ anticipations have transformed since COVID-19, download BRITA VIVREAU’s most recent toolkit – Nine to Thrive – right here:

For more information here is how the BRITA Vivreau Best and further water dispensers can help your office – just click here:


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