Preparing And Preventing Dangerous Pathogens

Planning And Preventing Harmful Pathogens

SteraMist utilizes an all natural procedure to provide a straightforward, natural disinfection without risk to personnel and surfaces. 

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A s the planet is still coping with the uncertainty of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, increasing inflation, and offer chain shortages, it’s not really unusual to drop back to complacency and schedule. That same complacency, specifically towards disinfection , can lead to significant losses on an enormous scale in your organization, communities, and countries generally.

Along with the uncertainty, little and large companies are wary of spending everywhere, staff losses, closures, therefore much more. These directly impact bottom outlines and thinking about answers to those nagging problems could be overwhelming, especially when it involves disinfection. Disinfection is crucial.  


It’s your preventative plan. Section of your service’s unique cleaning process that creates peace-of-brain for customers and personnel.

Perhaps you think it is possible to absorb the expense of occasional staff disease, lower service high quality, or diminished efficiency. But what happens once the occasional becomes a lot more frequent and the minimal expenditures become multi-day company closures with lower rankings and improved overhead? The answer to this is often as basic as disinfection.


Avoid the dangers of powerful disinfections. Some other disinfections might contain severe chemicals that may wreak havoc on delicate electronics, corrode valuable areas, or require manual app that misses locations. SteraMist outperforms atlanta divorce attorneys aspect combined.


SteraMist is driven by a single technologies: ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) that uses one treatment for deliver kill against several pathogens, molds, and fungi. SteraMist utilizes an all natural procedure to provide a straightforward, organic disinfection without danger to surfaces and staff.

“TOMI’s SteraMist no-touch, no-wipe,
EPA registered medical center grade disinfectant
isn’t a stand-alone application program just,
this is a system that’s backed by a forward thinking
business and a nationwide service provider network (TSN),
focused on providing environmental options
for infectious control and improved forensic
restoration, but also for a safer world furthermore.
I’m proud to be area of the TSN
and having TOMI focused on my achievement.”  
~ BioRisk Decontamination & Restoration, LLC

Designed and validated being an all-in-one option against common pathogens in charge of from shutdowns to item recalls which includes Influenza A, H1N1, Norovirus, Salmonella, and much more.

Microscopic particle dimension that gets to any crevice and accocunts for a mist with a light-weight composition to get them out.

Basic and easy-to-make use of EPA registered technologies and solution mixture optimized without dyes or additives.