Portsmouth Historic Dockyard chooses WPS pay-on-foot technology to support visitor experience and enhance charity’s revenues

A advanced pay-on-feet ticketed car parking system through WPS, among the UK’s leading car parking equipment providers, has been installed with Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to deliver smooth access, with revenue generated likely to support investment within the curation of 500 years of naval background.  

Patrick Holmes, Deputy LEADER of the Portsmouth Naval Bottom Property Rely on, says with 90,every year 000 cars arriving, it is very important give a well-presented, contemporary and reliable parking service:  

“We find the WPS pay-on-foot program because we had currently an&nbsp been convinced it really is;efficient option to pay & screen requiring fewer not&nbsp and staff;having to depend on enforcement – which is vital for the client experience. It really is completely self-service also, supporting COVID protection.”  

Supporting the business enterprise in providing its guests with a COVID-safe encounter, the operational system includes touchless entry sensors and ticket scanners.  

High-performing automatic amount plate recognition (ANPR) digital cameras will end up being installed on the exit and access barriers, enabling the utilization of parking transaction apps. RFID proximity readers shall provide straight-forward usage of residents.

“Establishing different access for different users, local hotel occupants and guests, for example, is quite simple,” Patrick states. “And future-proofing our expense, we are able to add functionality as so when required – for instance when feasible, we might introduce loyalty special offers such as for example discounted parking for clients that eat in dining places in the Dockyard.”  


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For {a lot more} information {check out|go to} www.historicdockyard.co.uk


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