Partnerships in Action – Integrating Aerial Intelligence for Facility Roof Inspections

Today’s facilities are complicated. New building systems, resources, and processes suggest the old method of doing things simply doesn’t cut it any more. While it could be hard for service teams to maintain, facility management technology supplies a solution to meet changing requirements and demands… provided that they are effectively adopted.

AkitaBox requires a consultative method of crafting comprehensive options that solve complex service management challenges. As Common Manager of Federal Advancement and Options at AkitaBox,  your small business, it is very important spend money on innovation to incubate nevertheless, test, and deploy technologies solutions which are scalable, repeatable, and much more frankly, essential as our customers seek improved ways to manage their service infrastructure. 

Among the proven methods AkitaBox designs new options would be to evaluate technology companion and applications with technologies providers. You’ll discover us fielding the most recent mobile mapping products, exploring robotics systems, assessing unmanned aircraft techniques (UAS) and advanced sensors, and much more. We spend money on building special partnerships to create comprehensive answers to our clients with scalability, performance, and cost at heart. 

Our partnership with Pointivo had been transformational with regards to automated drone-enabled roofing inspections integrated with this Inspections and Capital Administration software. How here’s.

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