Outdoor Sales Representative


Building Materials Co. comes with an opening for Outdoor Product sales Representative & Receivables.

Requirements for the work
1. Self-Motivated, Confident, Fearless
2. Outdoor Sales knowledge (UAE Marketplace)
3. Driver’s permit

Job Explanation:
1. Attaining sales targets, increasing client base, and establishing consumer relationship.
2. Product Demonstration, Site appointments for analysis, Item introductory.
3. Accounts Follow-up & Bad-debt recuperation.
4. Shipping of components.
5. Additional miscellaneous tasks

Income Package:
1. Salary – AED 2,500
2. Commission (monthly sales focus on)
4. Vehicle with fuel covered. Upkeep covered.

Interested, Submit your CV to
admin@ajastrdg kindly.com

Subject matter the e-mail as CV:

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