OSHA Launches New Voluntary Protection Programs Portal

A fresh online portal for submitting applications to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is currently available. The brand new portal modernizes the application form process for companies that be eligible for VPP and helps it be easier for candidates to start out, continue, and get advice about submitting their applications.

OSHA offers resources on christmas workplace safety for warehousing, delivery, and retail workers. (Credit: Getty Images/endopack)

“Companies in the Voluntary Protection Programs beat basic OSHA requirements and make an effort to develop a culture of safety,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Health and Safety Jim Frederick. “This important program comprises sites that serve as types of excellence and influence safety and health practices in every industries.”

The portal allows OSHA to examine applications instantly, and help companies correct omissions or errors quickly. Applicants may use the portal to upload electronic versions of supporting documentation, plus they can stop and complete their application at another time and never have to restart. Alternatively, after completing a job candidate profile, they may a credit card applicatoin form to perform offline download, and submit their application materials by mail.

OSHA developed the VPP Portal within the agency’s efforts to keep representing safety and health excellence, leverage resources, accommodate effective administration of VPP and support smart program growth. The agency developed the portal with input from external OSHA and stakeholders staff. Qualified companies with mature safety and health management systems can connect with VPP utilizing the new system.

OSHA adopted VPP on July 2, 1982, to identify cooperative action among government, industry, and labor as a way of addressing worker safe practices issues and expanding worker protection.

Ensure Worker Safety This HOLIDAYS

With the National Retail Federation expecting retailers to employ more than 500,000 seasonal employers and workers hopeful for a busy holidays, OSHA reminds them never to overlook their worker’s rights to a safe and healthy workplace . With many businesses open for in-person shopping in 2021, employers must do something to control and stop coronavirus spread specifically also.

OSHA urges employers to properly train all workers – especially new and seasonal workers – to identify and stop workplace hazards. OSHA offers resources on holiday workplace safety for warehousing, delivery and retail workers. Guidance can be designed for protecting retail workers , including those in high customer-volume environments , stockrooms and loading docks , and package delivery from coronavirus exposure.

The agency offers more information on workers’ rights and protections , the protection of temporary and seasonal workers , in addition to safety for young workers .

“The vacation season is typically an extremely busy time for businesses, so when consumer demands increase just, so must an employer’s knowing of keeping their workers safe,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Safe practices Doug Parker. “All workers – from those starting their first job to those making some extra cash as a seasonal worker to those year-round employees – have entitlement to a workplace clear of hazards and to learn in a language they understand to identify and stop hazards.”

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