OptiCORE Small Application Controllers

OptiCORE™ little app controllers from OEMCtrl supply HVAC equipment producers with a control remedy that’s compact, fully programmable, and in a position to integrate with building automation techniques seamlessly. Ideal for heat pumps, little rooftop units, dedicated outside air units, and much more, the OptiCORE SS-561TX, SS-683ETX, and SS-683TX small application controllers will be the newest additions to the OptiCORE loved ones, OEMCtrl’s current era of flexible, scalable apparatus settings.

OEMCtrl, that is part of Automatic Logic, a company of creating management solutions, targets control solutions for Authentic Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Automatic Logic is really a right section of Carrier Global Corporation, a global supplier of creating and cold chain options.

The OptiCORE small application controllers can be found in three versions for input/result (I/O) flexibility. They deliver powerful communications and manage features, including double IP ports with regard to Modbus plus BACnet communications. Flexible IP system topologies are supported, which includes daisy-chain, ring, superstar, and hybrid, and each design features integrated end-of-system switches for simple set up on an EIA-485 BAS system. The controllers provide color-coded, easy-to-wire We/O and so are programmable utilizing the EIKON® graphical development tool fully. They could operate in a 100% stand-alone setting or can hook up to any BAS making use of today’s hottest protocols, which includes BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus/IP, and Modbus over EIA-485. The controllers also support conversation to OEMCtrl’s type of intelligent room sensors and touchscreen shows.

“Our new OptiCORE little software controllers allow HVAC gear manufacturers to create control and value to their items using the most effective tools in the market,” said Mark Jones, company manager, OEMCtrl. “They provide the most flexibility for manage and connectivity, allowing equipment producers to supply optimized control, convenience, and energy efficiency with their clients.”

A distinctive permissions framework embedded within the controller furthermore provides security for the HVAC products manufacturer’s intellectual home (IP), while enabling seamless link with any BAS, including Automatic Logic’s WebCTRL® creating automation Carrier’s or even system i-Vu® constructing automation system.

The OptiCORE small tools controllers have already been tested and qualified by BACnet Tests Laboratories (BTL). They meet up with the BACnet Advanced Program controllers (B-AAC) and BACnet Broadcast Administration Device (B-BBMD) gadget profiles.

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