Operations Manager – Tornatech – Jebel Ali


  • Manage logistics, engineering, purchasing, production, receiving, production and shipping support activities.
  • Monitor and develop the KPIs had a need to measure the performance of the operation.
  • Take part in the development and manage the budget of its operations
  • Recommend and set up measures to boost productivity, security, and employee satisfaction
  • Communicate to another managers the progress of its department and become an interface between your different functions of the business.
  • Ensure the recruitment and development of its personnel by overseeing the business’s assessments, training, safety and health procedures and policies.
  • Maintain product and factory certifications of the applicable standards (UL, FM, APSAD, etc.);
  • Maintain ISO quality Environment and systems, Safety and health at the job.
  • Any task requested by the Managing Director

Internal Relations:

The employee reports to the Managing Director. The employee collaborates with another Managers, and members of the factory under his responsibility.

Qualities valued by the business:

  • Demonstrate Leadership
  • Show enthusiasm and interest.
  • Have the sense of initiative.
  • Have the will to understand.
  • Have a capacity of adaptation.
  • Execute a quality job.
  • Have good productivity.
  • Make continuous improvement.
  • Be punctual and diligent

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5 years of professional experience in managing teams in operations environment.
  • three years of UAE professional experience.
  • Master’s degree (4-5yrs) running a business, Administration, Engineering or equivalent.
  • Integrity is mandatory.
  • Excellent communication skills written and verbal,
  • Intellectual curiosity as a mindset.
  • Have an excellent computer knowledge (AutoCAD, MS Office).
  • Speaks English (French or/and Arabic can be an asset).

The performance evaluation measures the next elements:

  • The capability to perform the main element functions of the positioning.
  • Demonstration of the mandatory skills and qualities of the positioning.
  • Demonstration of good judgment in decision-making and suggestions.
  • The resolution of relational and technical problems.
  • Compliance with project schedules.
  • Client satisfaction.
  • Cooperation with other managers.


Factory and office environment. Standard working arrangements with need of flexibility when required (10%)

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