On The Turf At Arrowhead Stadium

On The Turf At Arrowhead Stadium

Travis Hogan, mind groundskeeper at Arrowhead Stadium, house of the Kansas Town Chiefs, keeps Bermudagrass eco-friendly… in wintertime… in Missouri.

By Christine Menapace
Thanks to Turf

I magine if views of one’s facility’s turfgrass had been broadcast to countless viewers and needed to be image perfect-while furthermore absorbing the influence of cleats and tackles from the famed Kansas Town Chiefs football group. Did we overlook to mention it’s furthermore December in Missouri? And the industry was just useful for a sold-out concert now requires a overall transformation?

As Mind Groundskeeper of GEHA Industry at Arrowhead Stadium, Another’s day function travis Hogan knows these challenges are simply. Yet the other day he graciously allow Turf magazine employees and a large team from the Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) trod on a single hallowed surface as Patrick Mahomes.

NorthBridge® Bermudagrass

Hogan and his staff have the effect of the 87,000-square-foot industry at Arrowhead Stadium along with all practice areas. Each are usually planted in NorthBridge Bermudagrass from Sod Options. Hogan’s primary good reasons for this selection, which includes been used since 2013, consist of:

Hogan and his canine.
  1. It has higher dormant traffic tolerance. Around four to five games of the Chiefs season are played upon dormant grass generally.
  2. It really is cold tolerant. In November games are played, December, january and.

It’s not just cold that impacts the grass high quality. Hogan said temperatures swings from -8˚F to 108˚ F can hit inside a five to six 30 days span. Fighting shade will be another major concern.

A Heated Industry

But Hogan and his crew aren’t only in the combat. A three-year task to set up a $2.2 million heat beneath the field was completed within the Springtime of 2016. A large number of foot of pipe were set up underneath the playing surface area which snake backwards and forwards from sideline to sideline at a depth of 9″ below the sand. Four-inch pipes set you back the industry from boilers that sit down under the bleachers. Such as a thermostat, the heat range of the field could be set as preferred…

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