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Dear Sir we Offering Home/workplace/ Maintenance Services is among the fastest growing businesses in Ajman- Dubai Sharjah supplying home Maintenance solutions in United Arab Emirates TBM House Maintenance Services , is really a firm specialized in every forms of Interior & Outside Decoration Painting function/ Electrical Work/ Plumbing Function/ Function, Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Color /Floor waterproofing functions / Gypsum carpenter & False Ceiling Function/ & we offer facility Maintenance providers in various business sectors like Industrial & Residential buildings /Flats/ Hospitals/ Hotels/ Work Camps/ STORES etc.

Our Routines
1.Gypsum Partition & False Ceiling Contracting 2. Inside & External Decoration & Developing Painting, 3. Epoxy flooring Coating Warehouse Hotel AIRPORT PARKING 4. Floor Screening, 5. AIRPORT PARKING Floor Painting 6 . Atmosphere Duct and Condition Set up 7. Main AC / Split AC/ Windowpane AC/ Water Cooler drinking water & Heaters Installation services. 7. Electrical Cabling /DB Board Set up and fixing/LCD Fixing Lighting/LED repairing /Switches & Sockets/all Electrical Fittings.
8. Roofing Clay Set up & Fixing ( Carmet Tiles) / Terracotta weathering 9. Masonry Tiling & marble Tiles Fixing/. 10. Interlock Set up and Repairing (Bricks)
11. Crisis plumbing fixes/ Toilet / bath/ Drains Block / Water Container New & Old functions
12. Light weight aluminum Door & Shower Cup Functions / Welding & Grilling /windrow Welding & Grilling Repairing / Stair Cress Welding & Grilling Fixing / AIRPORT PARKING Welding & Grilling Production & Fixing /Swimming Draw Area Grill roof best Clay Tile repairing / Thai Aluminum Temper Glass Set up.
Yearly MAINTENANCE Agreement:
(1) Industrial & education buildings (2) Residential structures (3) Independent villas) Work Camps
Our Main Working Locations: Ajman /Dubai /Sharjah /UAE .

Marketing Supervisor…
Mohd. Hossain
TBM Upkeep
Whatsapp Contact +971-564892942 or +971552165975

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