Office Girl/Boy


Workplace Girl/boy shall offer an adequate way to obtain hot and cold drinks to all visitors at work through the entire working hours.
Workplace Woman/boy shall provide sufficient services and supplies for several staff and website visitors during meetings.
Responsible for keeping your kitchen equipment and products and submit a sydney on the status.
Control the levels of cups along with other materials and keep maintaining adequate stock constantly (stock supplied by client).
Supervising the usage of equipment and products within the working workplace.
Coordinating the upkeep and repair of workplace equipment./>Arranging meeting space and personal workplace <br.
Maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the pantry.
Coping with queries or even requests from the employees and site visitors.
Helping the receptionist, secretaries, or additional administrative assistants inside performing their duties.
Perform any responsibilities as directed by supervisor/manager.

Contact; 056-7184558//054-3537346

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