Nurse – Kabul, Afghanistan


ACCL International can be an Afghan-owned business, providing Secure Accommodations, Lifestyle Support Providers & Operational Upkeep, Logistics, Structure, Catering, Retail, Information and satellite Technology, and also support within the provision of Function Visa and invite services within remote locations and austere environments.

ACCL International is seeking to employ a Nurse to be assigned within Kabul currently, Afghanistan.

Registered Nurse Work Responsibilities:
• Keep track of patient’s condition and evaluate their must provide the greatest care and suggestions
• Observe and interpret patient’s symptoms and communicate them to physicians
• Identifying patients’ care specifications, concentrate on their needs and behave upon them
• Nurturing the compassionate environment by giving psychological assistance
• Resolving or reporting upon patients’ needs or difficulties
• Perform schedule procedures (parts, administering injections and so on.) and complete sufferers’ charts
• Adjust and administer patient’s medicine and provide treatments in accordance with physician’s orders
• Inspect the facilities and action to keep excellent hygiene and protection (decontaminating equipment, sanitizing areas, planning beds etc.)
• Provide instant health care in emergencies
• Foster a supportive and compassionate atmosphere to look after patients

Authorized Nurse Qualifications/Skills:
• Verified experience as a authorized nurse
– Legitimate nursing license
– Ready to be assigned within Kabul, Afghanistan
• Exceptional understanding of nursing care strategies and procedures
• Great knowledge of crisis care
– Ideally Filipino National
• In-depth understanding of safe practices guidelines and processes (sanitation, decontamination and so on.) and willingness to check out them at all periods
• A team participant with excellent conversation and interpersonal abilities
• Accountable and compassionate
• Excellent organizational and multi-tasking abilities
• Patient with superb problem-solving abilities
• BS or additional diploma from the nursing program

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