New Connected Services Platform From MSA Safety

With the countless complexities in implementing a worldwide top notch safety program, every year combined with an incredible number of workplace injuries that continue steadily to occur, the worthiness of technology that simplifies safety procedures and connects safety managers with their employees employed in hazardous environments hasn’t been more important. That’s why worker safety technology provider MSA Safety  has introduced a connected services platform that will assist safety managers create safer and much more efficient work environments through reliable and actionable data, in real-time.

At the National Safety Congress (NSC) and Expo in Orlando, FL, the Pittsburgh-based company unveiled the MSA Connected Work Platform. The brand new offering is really a hardware/software combination that has a fresh cloud-ready wearable gas detector that allows a broad new selection of capabilities not previously available with a standalone gas detector. Employed in concert with the company’s new MSA+™ safety subscription offering, the ALTAIR io™ 4 Gas Detection Wearable device was designed from the ground-up as a completely connected and intuitive safety solution. It represents MSA’s first direct-to-cloud gas detector to feature:

  • Out-of-the box global cellular GPS and connectivity location to transmit real-time data, like critical gas detection location and readings information, to the MSA Grid software platform directly;
  • Usage of MSA’s Grid software services that enable fleet management, in addition to real-time remote incident and monitoring reporting;
  • A fresh, electronic MSA id™ device tag that replaces paper-based sign-out processes;
    MSA’s industry-leading XCell® Sensors; and
  • Compatibility with a fresh ALTAIR io Dock calibration test stand, enabling automatic bump testing, data and calibration logging.

“We reside in a connected world, sufficient reason for this new technology platform, we’re bringing new degrees of connectivity into industrial worksites,” said Gustavo Lopez, MSA’s General Manager of Detection Connected and Products Services. “Our vision would be to give safety managers the capability to create an adaptive, proactive safety program that helps decrease the threat of workplace boosts and injury productivity.”

Other components of MSA’s Connected Work Platform are the MSA+ safety subscription which extends warranty coverage and automatic and ongoing software upgrades. With MSA+, safety managers can bundle hardware and software needs for long-term safety advancements and a convenient solution to stay before safety innovation and on budget. The ALTAIR io 4 will undoubtedly be provided through this new program exclusively. The MSA Grid and accompanying MSA+ safety subscription has various price points and subscription levels to support individual customer needs and budgets.

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“Gone will be the days your technology is outdated. With over the oxygen updates and new services launching, safety managers can ensure they stay at the leading edge of safety,” continued Lopez. “Once we continue steadily to deliver on our mission of protecting people at the job, I feel we have been uniquely positioned to exceed the expectations of these who put their rely upon the MSA brand and achieve this in ways they’ve arrived at expect from our company – with speed, agility and customer-driven innovation.”

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