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There’s finally light shining by the end of the tunnel for United kingdom businesses, that have endured an unprecedented amount of upheaval and challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic. But companies can’t afford to turn out to be complacent about infection manage at this time. Hygiene and COVID-actions must remain important for the commercial industry and responsible company leaders should today be going for a closer consider the key infection manage measures they can set up to make sure staff and visitors stay safe.

Our selection of OTEX area and laundry disinfection items have been environment the standards within ozone technology since 2004. Since establishing the UK’s patented validated ozone washer program with published utility financial savings, we’ve produced continuous developments in infection manage. With OTEX laundry, it is possible to lessen your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint while keeping virus-free. The disinfection program kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and is which can remove all traces of Coronavirus following research completed at De Montfort University.

all day

In operation is hard but we’re here to greatly help, everyday. With plenty of equipment across several locations, we understand the pressure you’re below to smoothly make certain it runs. With regards to your crucial servicing and equipment requirements, we’re your one companion. Whether it’s laundry, providing, fire or heating safety, you are distributed by us reassurance.

Fire security and safety

With specialists in the combined team who have over a century of collective encounter in fire security and safety, we assess, install and keep maintaining the tools that keep the attributes you manage secure. We’re certified by the best fire safety bodies, and our professionals shall identify safety dangers and will provide support to assist you mitigate these.


Our future-proof hydrogen-ready boilers conserve costs and assist your clients satisfy their sustainability targets. With remote control fault diagnostics, we are able to fix issues before your customers know something offers happened even. Each day and we guarantee warm water and comfortable buildings.

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