Multiple License Driver (3 And 6 License) – AYCA FM – Dubai

Searching for Drivers getting both 3 and 6 amount UAE license

Job Place – Dubai

Income – AED 2800 – 3500 + Lodging + Transport + Overtime

Age – Significantly less than 40 years

Job Specifications & Function:

Will undoubtedly be working as an individual driver to the dog owner and also are Bus Driver to choose and drop workers.

Must Talk, Read and Write excellent English language

Will need to have both Light Vehicle (3) and Heavy Bus (6) License

Work Type: Full-period

Income: AED2,800.00 – AED3,500.00 monthly

Application Issue(s):

  • Which Visa are you experiencing – Employment / Cancelled/ Visit / Husband or wife / Own?
  • If Utilized, in just how many days is it possible to cancel your Work Visa?
  • What’s your Nationality?


  • Study and Write Excellent English (Needed)


  • UAE simply no driving license. 3 (Needed)
  • UAE traveling license no. 6 (Necessary)

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