MSc International Business Management with Marketing

Our MSc International Business Management with Marketing and advertising programme is targeted at graduates who possess little if any business or administration background within their first diploma and who want to gain an easy based company qualification to improve their future career leads, or at those seeking to develop business administration knowledge and skills so they can change or more their careers.

International Business Administration pathways

Our MSc International Company Management with Advertising is among three specialist pathways you can expect in International Business Administration. The programmes cover crucial issues in international company management like the international business atmosphere and also the importance of strategy, financing, marketing and advertising, and organisational behaviour. Afterward you concentrate on developing specific information and abilities in your selected pathway subject in preparing for a career for the reason that area.

The international focus of the programme attracts students from all over the global world, giving a rich studying environment where international exercise and experience will be shared.

Students get the chance to be a part of team-building also, leadership and networking activities during the first couple of weeks of the program.

Programme duration

  • Full-time: 12 months
  • Part-time: 24 a few months


The Dubai Campus is accredited by the data and Human Growth Authority (KHDA) and fully licensed to instruct its degrees in Dubai. All graduates get a British degree that’s certified by Royal Charter in the united kingdom.

Course content

All subjects take a global view of company and concentrate on practical problems and present topics in management along with key theories of administration.

Students will select a single pathway from three (Advertising, Human Finance or Resources. All International Business Administration learners in Dubai shall research the same group of mandatory courses irrespective of pathway, but get the chance to choose from a variety of pathway dependent options. College students undertake a dissertation within the industry of these chosen pathway.

and Philosophy

Semester 1 (Sept-Dec) Semester 2 (Jan-April)
International Business Context Business Economics
Competitive Strategy Research Practice
Marketing International Marketing
One from a selection of options including*:
  • Comptemporary Consumers
  • ICT Utilisation within SME Context
  • Marketing Logistics
  • Global Supply and Purchasing
  • Essential of Lean 6 Sigma
  • Leadership
  • Work Organisations and Culture
  • Financal Analysis
  • Operations

*Options at the mercy of timetable availability.

One from a selection of options including*:
  • Branding and Communications
  • Advances within Digital Marketing
  • Quality Engineering
  • and Management

  • Project Management
  • Digital Analytics and Marketing

International Business Context

Semester 1 (mandatory)
Explores the type of a firm’s reaction to the problems of internationalisation by examining the strategic schedule, path and approach to international strategies. Examines both micro-nationals and multi- and utilises conventional strategic tools to review international strategies.

Competitive Strategy

Semester 1 (mandatory)
Examines how companies compete by developing and understanding the interactions and relationships between theoretical concepts; examining the average person the different parts of strategic management models and considering how companies might achieve and sustain competitive advantage.


Semester 1 (mandatory)
Looking at the role of marketing and its own application within an international business context, highlighting the key role of contemporary issues within marketing within the increasingly competitive global environment.

Business Economics

Semester 2 (mandatory)
Provides knowledge and knowledge of the essential principles and concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics also to have the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in the analysis of a variety of economic problems.

Research Practice

and Philosophy

Semester 2 (mandatory)
Provides a knowledge of the social science research process, in addition to approaches and theory to analyze. Develops practical skills (i.e. quantitative and qualitative techniques) in data analysis to transform the raw data into information that guides marketing management valuations.

International Marketing

Semester 2 (mandatory)
This course develops deeper knowledge of the marketing environment and the chance factors in a worldwide context by examining the consequences of globalisation and international structures on marketing strategies, and exploring the growing ethical dimensions of marketing approaches also.

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