Modernizing Facility Operations: EAM Maintenance Software or Facility Management (FM) Software?

Therefore, you’ve determined it’s time and energy to modernize your service operations. Whether which means you’re implementing a fresh software remedy or replacing a preexisting one, there’s a whole lot to consider. You want to be sure you find the appropriate platform to aid your group. When going through the choice process, many leaders explore a variety of options like:

Picking the proper solution will be dependant on your unique needs and goals eventually. In this article, we review a few of the distinctions between EAM maintenance software program and FM software program to greatly help narrow down your set of options.

EAM Servicing Software vs. Facility Administration (FM) Software

EAM Upkeep Software

The “EAM” of EAM maintenance software program means “enterprise asset administration.” The “enterprise” element references the scope of possessions that are being maintained by the system across a whole organization, including locations, structures, and business features (HR, inventory, procurements, upkeep, etc.). The purpose of EAM servicing software is to control an asset’s lifecycle to increase its useful living to improve efficiency and keep your charges down.

EAM upkeep software manages the complete lifecycle of property to maximize useful lifetime.

FM Software program

FM software program was created to manage, monitor, and keep maintaining all areas of a portfolio or facility. It’s utilized by everyone in a organization, from maintenance employees to facility supervisors to stakeholders. Fundamental FM software includes servicing and asset management usually, while advanced options include location-dependent asset mapping also, capital management, and service compliance tools. Probably the most robust FM software program solutions provide architectural foundation had a need to power IoT, huge information, and AI predictive versions to support the continuing future of upkeep through proactive workflows.

Advanced service management software solutions have a comprehensive method of maintenance and funds planning by combining critical data factors to operate a vehicle decisions.

THAT IS Better?

There are some similarities with regards to EAM servicing FM and software software program. They both help:

  • Manage upkeep across an asset’s lifecycle
  • Keep your charges down
  • Increase performance
  • Integrate servicing activity with other techniques

The primary difference between both of these solutions may be the scope of the provided information gathered and how it really is used. EAM maintenance software targets maintenance and operational information, while superior FM software program takes it a action further, adding funds resource and preparing optimization. Both use predictive upkeep models, but FM software program integrates your computer data into other funds preparing predictive scenarios.

Ultimately, the very best solution shall be determined by what you need. If you’re searching for a maintenance and operations option strictly, eAM maintenance software program may cover all you need then, but if you’re searching for a more extensive solution, we suggest deciding on an FM system.

Keep in mind: FM software features and features may differ widely.

While we suggest facility management software program over EAM maintenance software program generally, it’s important to understand that not absolutely all FM software may be the same. Of training course, being an FM provider, we have been just a little biased toward FM, but with any technology system, the feature set and capabilities shall change from solution to solution. So, whether you decide to opt for FM EAM or software program maintenance software, it’s essential to execute a detailed analysis out of all the systems you’re evaluating. Whenever we recommend FM software program, we are taking into consideration the most robust and advanced solutions offering comprehensive function sets.

Now, knowing that, here’s why we believe FM software program is a better selection than EAM maintenance software program.

The continuing future of Facility Management

Today’s FM software solution may be the answer facility specialists need to seamlessly collect and analyze data factors and place actionable insights at service leaders’ fingertips. These insights inform resource allocation, servicing prioritization, and upcoming investments. The proper facility management software program can offer the foundational architecture had a need to completely leverage IoT, big information, and AI to implement predictive optimize and upkeep staffing.