Mixed picture for workplace and facilities market

The Institute of Place of work and Amenities Management’s (IWFM) Marketplace Outlook 2021 survey has revealed that 58 % of workplace and amenities management specialists believe the marketplace will improve within the next 12 a few months, despite continuous concerns on the impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit.

The document details the results of two surveys completed in February 2020 and 2021 respectively, that have been interwoven to produce a evaluation between sentiments both before and through the global pandemic.

Together, the surveys amassed 650 responses from workplace and services managers almost, supplying compelling insight into: the market’s encounters of days gone by year; how its condition has changed since pre-Covid-19; and the profession’s expectations for future years.

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Elsewhere, the changing encounter of function from office-based to a lot more flexible models is definitely illustrated by two key points: 84 % of client-aspect respondents documented that their organisation got changed its versatile working strategy during the past year, whilst 58 % stated their organisations had been reducing the area they occupied. The latter statistic triggered some to get worried that widespread adjustments in working practices could have a negative effect on the marketplace in the longer-expression.

Much like the broader United kingdom and global economic climate, the activities of the final 12 months have obviously had a substantial negative influence on the overall wellness of the FM marketplace, but it’s furthermore given increase to winners and losers: some elements of the marketplace have suffered badly due to the financial disruption of Covid-19, but others possess benefited from a rise in demand because of their services, such as for example security and cleaning.

Peter Brogan, IWFM Mind of Insight and Analysis, commented: “From Brexit to Covid-19 to Black Lives Issue, 2020 was nothing or even turbulent and this can be reflected in this year’s report. However, regardless of the challenges – or simply due to them – most place of work and facilities managers concur that the outlook will be optimistic. This can be owed partly to how we have observed a spotlight shone on our job since it helped to maintain the nation clean, productive and secure throughout the turbulence. This will haven’t any doubt improved our profession’s enhanced and standing its influence within organisations.

“You can find legitimate concerns on the market over organisations reducing their occupied areas and what this might mean for the requirement for services, but we’d argue that the possibilities to business lead and enable new means of working significantly outweigh the negatives.”

A lot more insights are included within the record, including but not limited by the growing impact of technology, greater knowing of inclusion and diversity within organisations, and the marketplace’s appetite and readiness for tackling climate change.

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