Mitie wins ‘Green Fleet of the Year’ award

Mitie has been named the ‘Green Fleet of the Year’ at the business enterprise Car Awards 2020, throughout a virtual ceremony held on 22 October 2020.

The facilities management and services company was crowned the winner in recognition of its ambitious and business-leading electric vehicle (EV) rollout and commitment to change its entire fleet to zero emission by 2025.

The award employs Mitie recently announced that it has raced past its pledge to change 20 % of its cars and small vans to EV by 2020, meeting the mark 90 days of schedule ahead. Mitie has nearly 800 EVs on its fleet now, weekly with around 25 more being delivered. In line with the current delivery order and rate pipeline, Of the entire year mitie could have over 900 electric cars and vans by the finish.

Mitie now comes with an ‘electric first’ policy for several vehicle procurement, with all motor cars pure electric and any non-electric vans needing senior approval predicated on essential business need. However, the award also recognises Mitie’s efforts to lessen the emissions of its diesel vehicles which are yet to be switched. It has included the rollout of telematics to boost driver behaviour, resulting in Mitie finding a Masternaut Gold Award because of its CO2 reduction, along with the addition of real-time ‘performance traffic lights’ on vehicle dashboards. Mitie’s Fleet Team also installed buzzers which sound whenever a vehicle is left idling – this initiative alone created an annual fuel saving of £88,000.

With an ambitious rollout plan, In July 2019 mitie went from initial vehicle delivery, to the UK’s largest EV fleet in under 18 months. Given the large-scale and rapid nature of its EV transition, Mitie has gained significant experience and identified innovative answers to overcome challenges across the real way. To be able to magnify environmentally friendly support and impact more businesses to make the switch to electric, Mitie has launched a&nbsp recently;Plan Zero Fleet Transition Service. Covering every part of the EV journey, from vehicle charge and procurement point installation to employee behaviour, the ongoing service was created to help fleets take their very own steps towards a zero emission fleet. With a complete life cost approach, the transition shall, oftentimes, create cost savings for businesses.

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