MEP Foreman


MEP Foreman

• Estimated and procured material equipment had a need to complete work tasks for the purpose of ensuring timely completion of tasks.
• Implemented the execution of schedule and preventive maintenance applications, preparation, and scheduling of function projects; adjusting function schedules in reaction to changing priorities; and for the objective of maximizing customer support and effective and efficient procedures.
• Inspected completed work with the objective of ensuring high quality of work
• Caused the contractor and customer to make sure all components of the project improvement accordingly.

• Facilitated communication between industry operators, Common foreman, Superintendence, and Engineers
• In charge of insuring the safety for my crews at all periods
• Coordinated with additional contractors and trades to make sure smooth workflow on tasks
• Maintained a whole understanding of the task scope, safety, and documentation involved with every task
• Organized and preserved all material, work, and products before, during, and after every job task

Minimum of three years working knowledge.
Available inside U.A.E
Ready to join.

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