Medical Laboratory Technician | Healthcare | Dubai – UAE, (3 – 6 yrs.), Dubai – United Arab Emirates

• Organizes function by matching personal computer orders with specimen labelling; sorting specimens; examining labelling; logging specimens; arranging reviews for delivery; keeping function surfaces orderly and thoroughly clean.
• Maintains quality outcomes by running criteria and controls, verifying gear function through routine products maintenance and advanced difficulty shooting; calibrating tools utilizing approved testing methods; monitoring quality manage protocols and measures.
• Serves as specialized resource by taking part in staff teaching; answering questions of additional professionals; taking part in educational possibilities; reading expert publications; maintaining personal systems; participating in professional companies.
• Identifies and communicates abnormal patient circumstances by alerting supervisory employees, the pathologist, the individual doctor, or nurse; reporting mandated details to the general public health section or other specified officials.
• Toxicology – identifies the existence or quantity of medicines of abuse, therapeutic medications, and toxins by operating toxicology instrumentation and performing guide options for the performance of medication screens, blood alcohol amounts, and carbon monoxide ranges.
• Chemistry – provides test outcomes for patient medical diagnosis and therapy by operating chemistry devices; performing hands chemistries.
• Hematology – provides test outcomes for patient analysis and therapy by operating hematology, urinalysis, and coagulation apparatus; performing manual ways of differentials.
• Immunology – provides test outcomes for patient medical diagnosis and therapy by operating equipment like the gamma counter, spectrophotometer, densitometer, and through strategies such as for example radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, and serological assessment.
• Microbiology – provides doctor with information for therapy of affected person infection by performing specialized processes for the identification or susceptibility of bacteria, parasites, fungi, and mycobacteria.
• Blood financial institution – ensures the individual of receiving compatible bloodstream/blood elements by completing bloodstream typing, antibody screening, compatibility examining, and antibody identification treatments.
• Blood financial institution – assures upcoming retrieval of individual transfusion info by preparing affected person packets and maintaining bloodstream bank database.
• Plays a part in a safe and sound environment for patients, guests, co-workers and doctors by following established requirements and procedures; complying with legal rules.
• Maintains patient self-confidence by keeping laboratory details confidential.
• Acts and protects a healthcare facility community by sticking with professional standards, hospital procedures and policies, federal, state, and nearby specifications, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations (JCAHO) specifications.
• Enhances laboratory providers and hospital popularity by accepting possession for accomplishing brand new and various requests; exploring possibilities to include value to work accomplishments.

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