Medical Laboratory Technician, (2 – 8 yrs.), Dubai – United Arab Emirates

v In a position to do all laboratory technical activities within biochemistry, immunology, hematology, bloodstream banking, common pathology, POCT laboratory sections
v Prepare specimens for evaluation, count cells, and prepares/stains smears for entire body and blood fluids.
v Make use of automated tools and computerized instruments & with the capacity of performing several tests simultaneously, along with work on microscopes, cellular counters, along with other laboratory devices.
v Microscopically examines bloodstream along with other body liquids.
v In a position to procedure the samples upon the different automated devices after satisfactory maintenance & quality settings are completed.
v Proper loading & dealing with of centrifuge.
v Capability to interpret the various machine text messages & flags & work appropriately.
v Typing reviews
v Keeping information
v Quality manage processes
v Inventory administration
v All routines are done through a healthcare facility software systems so excellent computer abilities are needed
v Sample receiving, managing & archiving
v Equipment Maintenance and report keeping

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