Managing outdoor spaces during Covid-19 and beyond

Independent specialist grounds maintenance company, Tivoli Team, has launched a fresh white paper, ‘Managing outside areas: Lessons from Coronavirus’, which explores what’s best practice for yard administration with changing Covid limitations.

One aftereffect of Coronavirus restrictions is a steady upsurge in public usage of parks and open up spaces. So, as limitations continue steadily to change, what’s the simplest way to manage outdoor areas to aid communities and ensure affordability?

To answer this related question, Tivoli reflected about lessons since March 2020 and collated the experiences right into a free whitened paper guide in managing outdoor areas during Covid-19 and beyond.

The guide gives insight from regional authorities and casing associations over the UK on:

  • Supplying Covid-secure public areas that support inhabitants’ physical and mental wellness
  • Keeping up along with waste management amidst elevated plus fly tipping
  • litter

  • Safeguarding vulnerable communities and decreasing the responsibility on local health insurance and social care services
  • Ensuring operational performance and affordability of these high-pressure times

Darren Cunningham, Tivoli’s CEO mentioned: “The Coronavirus pandemic provides put a different concentrate on grounds maintenance and horticultural solutions, with extensive analysis showing a primary link between good mental use and wellbeing of green spaces. It’s been heart-warming to observe how valued the ongoing providers we deliver are, and how critical they’re for our customers and the ongoing health and wellness of the communities we function in.

“The final 10 months show how adaptable just, flexible and responsive Tivoli is, and we’ve worked closely with our clients to make sure we quickly address and assistance their changing requirements and priorities. We wished to share the classes we’ve learnt, and the changes and options we’ve introduced together with our clients.”

You can download a free of charge copy of the guideline by clicking here.