Manager Warehousing Inventory – Expo 2020 – Dubai

The part of the Operations Assistance Services department would be to manage activities over the event shipping of Expo 2020.Functions Support Services (OSP) includes the next service areas: (1) Amenities Administration Hard and Soft providers (FM), including Cleaning & Waste Administration, (2) Logistics (LOG), including Business Support and (3) Fleet Operations (FOP), (4) Transportation.

The goal of Supervisor, Warehousing & Inventory will be to aid the Lead Manager, Warehousing & Stock to make sure that Expo 2020 storage space location, Expo site broad inventory management including Home furniture, Fixtures & Equipment however, not limited too are usually operated in accordance with relevant procedures and requirements essential for Expo operations. The Supervisor, Warehousing & Inventory will undoubtedly be accountable for making sure coordination of dispatch and receipt of most materials and equipment, storage, inventory product packaging and manage for distribution at the many warehousing, storage and inventory locations. Materials for the function will undoubtedly be stored at areas both on- and off-site.

The primary responsibilities of the function include:

  • Lead in the create and integration of the FF&Electronic Load In Load Away timelines across Expo 2020 Function operations and exterior stakeholder procedure;

support the Business lead Warehousing &amp

  • To; Inventory Supervisor within the function Operations Logistics Perform, to make sure that material and products for Expo 2020 and all crucial stakeholders are kept at locations in accordance with relevant standards and treatments necessary for event functions;
  • Manage multiple inventory places on web site and off web site where you can find Expo resources;
  • Lead/own/assistance in collaboration with the Warehouse Supervisor the Warehouse Management Program (WMS) to proactively manage, monitor and take into account all assets within the many location in the program and UAE for inbound/outbound shipments;
  • Supervising the Distribution Team’s comprehensive shipping and ground transport schedules to make sure that dispatch from the many Expo locations are performed in a timely and cost-efficient way;
  • Monitor and track location and commodity specific stock levels to make sure that the needs of most Expo 2020 features will be fulfilled Pre, during and write-up Occasion.

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