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Job Explanation

Emirates National Specifications Classification of Occupations

2              Duties and Obligations

The Upkeep Manager is in charge of:

  • In charge of all Maintenance actions at UAN.
  • Program and execute a highly effective maintenance plan in co-ordination with various other departments relative to instruction manuals, confirmed maintenance safety and methods regulations.
  • Keep near control of most maintenance work to be able to ensure that all functions are executed correctly and within enough time schedule.
  • Making choices, or assisting others to create decisions, on plant servicing and operational issues with immediate, moderate and longterm consequences
  • Develop and keep maintaining a solid cooperation and understanding on the list of Maintenance team.
  • Scrutinize the technical facet of all maintenance function contracted or to end up being contracted to exterior agencies and to make sure that the externally contracted function has been correctly executed.
  • At fine times coordinate with functions section for the execution of essential maintenance works.
  • Execution of new upkeep and technology practices which will donate to improvement in equipment functionality.
  • Ensure that every day all “Function Orders” are usually scrutinize by the worried team member plus they are attended to according to the concern assigned by the procedures department and/or the assets available with the servicing.
  • Evaluation the pending “Function Orders” of the plant on normal basis to be able to evaluation the bottlenecks.
  • Maintain near co-ordination with the procurement division in order to make sure that all necessary extra parts and consumables can be found as and when needed. Endeavor to be produced never to over stock the materials.
  • Make sure that proper records of most maintenance activities are preserved. Analyses the report of all-major gear and highlighted exception to the bigger authorities.
  • Directs and controls the actions of the Servicing engineers carrying out upkeep on the plant products.
  • Prepare cover the department for every financial year and guarantee it’s timely execution for the procurement of the spares and tools and the providers required.
  • Budget constant reviewing, endorsing and looking at invoices within his delegated authority, estimating labour specifications for special function, authorising material request, initiating cost proposal for enhancement and upgrading of devices and plant, etc.
  • Review specialized data, reports on device overall performance and proposals for plant adjustments, etc. as so when required.
  • Provides continuous development and training for several subordinates with focus on the advancement ofUAE Nationals.
  • Take part in the overview of all tasks from the scholarly research phase to commissioning.
  • Prepares section objective and ensures complete targ~t and execution dates are met., explaining variances, identifying possible risks and/or difficulties and recommending options;
  • Has learned the Company Health, Environment and safety Policy, Procedures, Objectives and regulations. Means that maintenance work is conducted in a secure manner environmentally. Ensures effective Incident Investigation and follow-up. Implements specific Safety Administration System Program routines.
  • Coordinate MEDICAL, safety refresher and instruction classes for the staff.
  • Interact on continual schedule with different kinds ofHSE committees.
  • Prepares his department HSE goal and ensures full focus on and execution dates are met.
  • Make sure that environmental, safe practices requirements from the business becoming communicated to all or any employees in the division and obligations are completed by everyone employed in the Department.
  • Analyze function procedures to recognize hazards; ensure procedures are implemented to remove or handle those hazards.
  • Ensure secure operating techniques are up-to-date & come in place and used.
  • Ensure equipment and equipments stock updated and right equipment are for sale to every job annually.
  • Crisis Training and Response Strategy Contribute to the growth of the departmental /device plan make sure that all employees, others and contractors find out about the plan, and communicate the significance of taking part in drills and following methods set out in the program otherwise. Departmental records should be managed up to 3 years indicating all workers who take part in emergency reaction training.
  • Upon receipt of a Fire Avoidance Inspection Report; make sure that all noted problems and worries are corrected as suitable.
  • Inform workers and contractors that dangerous materials and hazardous waste materials, except as expressly certified by regulations is probably not removed via the sewer program, regular trash, fume hoods or other unsafe or even damaging routes environmentally; and to tension the significance of proper hazardous materials/waste management. Ensure 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) during purchasing components.
  • Make sure that everyone employed in their functions is trained to recognize and mitigate possible hazards appropriately.
  • Determine and ensure appropriate exercising for those functioning under their guidance. Contact the correct departmental person (like a protection officer) or EH&S as needed. Extra curriculum should be developed when brand-new processes, procedures or apparatus are usually introduced to the ongoing function site.
  • Make sure that work requiring coaching is conducted only by persons who’ve received the correct training.
  • Encourage all contractors and workers prompt reporting of safe practices concerns without concern with reprisal.
  • Carry out any responsibilities and duties which may be assigned every once in awhile by the bigger authorities.

QHSE Duties

  • Make sure that environmental, safe practices requirements from the business getting communicated to all or any employees in the area / section and obligations are completed by everyone employed in the Section/Section.
  • Analyze work processes to recognize hazards; ensure methods are implemented to get rid of or handle those hazards.
  • Ensure safe operating treatments are up-to-date & come in place and used.



The Upkeep Manager should be skilled in the task handling modification of strength and desalination plant gear and project administration.

·         Solid interpersonal abilities, pragmatic and company minded, motivated, dependable, and flexible.

·         Strong procedure orientated mindset.

·         Excellent conversation skills (speaking and creating).

·         In a position to work within an MS-Office environment.

·         Maximo information.

Sub Work Title

Maintenance Supervisor

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Job Information

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Government Industry

Employer (Semi Government -Regional)

Mechanical Engineering



Preferred Applicant

Career Degree Director/Mind

Years of Knowledge Min: 14 Max: 20

Sex Man

Diploma Bachelor’s diploma


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