Maintenance Engineer – MVP TECH – Abu Dhabi


In charge of all Security Systems projects’ planning, maintenance work execution, and hand-over to Clients. Make sure that all required infra-structure needs are available/ready which covers: Networking, CCTV, ACS, IDS and power requirements to make sure smooth operations of most operational systems on site.


    tabs on fault logs &amp
    • Daily; performing immediate fault identification
    • Liaison with various stakeholders (Client, IT, FM, AP, Site Resources, MVP) to make sure fault rectification
    • Fault real cause analysis & reporting
    • Identification of recurring issues – recommending remedial actions & making certain they are performed when doing PPM’s or attending Call-Outs etc.
    • Completing records of most faults & PPM’s and Call-Outs
    • Making certain all existing systems are linked to the relevant Control Room / Security Office
    • properly

    • Maintaining all operational system SUP’s making certain all firmware, security patches etc are applied. Ensuring all configurations are uniformly applied over the portfolio in order to make sure that functionality of the machine is optimized.
    • Maintaining end-user password & security protocols as agreed with client
    • Advise client of enhancements and extra functionality provided by new firmware upgrades
    • Perform end-user refresher training if requested/required by your client
    • administer and

    • Maintain security systems networks and related computing environments, including computers, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.
    • Implement network security measures according to IT procedures and standards to be able to protect data, software, and hardware
    • Operate master consoles to be able to monitor the performance of the complete networks and systems, also to coordinate system network use and access.
    • Perform routine system network shutdown and startup procedures, and keep maintaining control records.
    • Monitor systems performance to be able to determine whether adjustments have to be made, also to determine where changes shall have to be made in the near future.
    • Maintain logs linked to systems network functions, in addition to repair and maintenance records.
    • Keep communicating with technicians during Call-Outs and PPM’s.
    • Manages technicians towards actual implementation at site and oversee, through the ongoing work of senior technicians, collecting the daily progress report sketched on the shop drawing issued to the Senior Technicians also advising an alternative solution plan if any changes found during work implementations.
    • PE will undoubtedly be in charge of creating the test reports predicated on cabling fully, terminations, power management, shop drawing updating predicated on site amendment(s) and inspections.
    • PE must complete service reports for the existing job, additional and variation are well any troubleshooting on software and hardware.

    Oversees emergency breakdowns rectification and intervention predicated on expertise of the operational system recognized to the PE


  • Senior Project Manager
  • Engineering Support
  • Finance – budgeting, procurement,
  • Pre-sales
  • Marketing
  • HR & Admin
  • training


  • Quality
    • Main Contractors/ Sub contractors
    • Clients


    • Bachelors of Electrical & Electronics or Electronics and telecommunication or perhaps a general IT degree with Physics
    • Certification – Cisco CCNA, CCNP, BCNE, CCTV (Milestone, Genetec, etc.), ACS (LENEL, KERISYS, PAXTON), Biometrics, Barriers, Bollards, Road blocker, Spike bumps, ANPR,


    • three years where he/ she actually is subjected to all security systems disciplines on turn-around or total projects.
    • Good Project Management skills
    • Good people management skills


    • Excellent communication skills;
    • Excellent command of English
    • Good command of computer skills

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