MAGNETACH Surface Preparation Accessories

The MAGNETACH Tooling Program from Common Equipment Company is made for use on individual- and dual-head cement grinding tools with either remaining- or right-hand rotation. It functions magnetic mounting and works with with surface preparation components from General Equipment Business, along with competitive items using Lavina/EDCO installation configurations. The MAGNETACH® range includes the M-Collection DIAM-A-TACH™ gemstone segment grinding program, PCD, and Tungsten Carbide ground coatings removal techniques.

The M-Series DIAM-A-TACH gemstone segment grinding system supplies a remedy for a wide selection of surface preparation apps, including green concrete, cured concrete fully, higher tensile epoxies, and several thin-movie coatings. Matrix bonds are for sale to both soft/moderate and hard cement formulations with a grit selection of 18 to 100. Decreasing grit size permits meeting specific surface area finishes specifications up to pre-polish condition. The dual segment design configuration provide best mix of aggressiveness versus service lifestyle for the applied device weight.

The M-Series PCD (Polycrystalline Gemstone) floor coatings removal program is constructed of diamond grit that’s fused together under ruthless, plus a catalytic metal. It really is useful for removing thin-to-moderate glues, mastics, covering components, and cement levelers from cement surfaces. Sacrificial segments are given for the PCD inserts to eliminate materials aggressively, while acting because depth and stabilizers instructions to minimize harm to the cap surface.

The MAGNETACH Tungsten Carbide Coatings Elimination System removes a number of urethanes efficiently, epoxies, paints, and several other materials from cement surfaces. It’s rather a cost-effective alternative to photo blasting, grinding, guide scraping, or usage of dangerous chemical substances for coatings removal tasks. Both Quad-Sert™ inserts are made of a high Cobalt-quality, Tungsten Carbide and integrate eight tungsten carbide scraping edges/inserts. It’s furthermore the only real scraping system that’s both and dynamically steady statically, which minimizes surface area cap harm to further reduce task costs. The easy-to-make use of SCRAPE-R-TACH system furthermore uses LordÒ kind elastomeric mounts to check out minor variances in flooring contours much better than competitive techniques allow, while minimizing surface area cap damage substantially.

The Tungsten Carbide System may be the only item using Lord®-kind, elastomeric mounts that permit the inserts to pivot about two axis. This style feature better follows minimal variances in ground contours to increase the material being taken out. Their inherent elasticity much better reduces the consequences of harming shock loads to the device when anchor bolts or additional flooring obstructions are encountered. Obtainable in still left- and right-hands rotation direction for make use of on single and double head concrete grinding devices.

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