Looking For Civil Engineer Job in UAE


Deal with : Al Satwa Sheikh Colony Near Al- Nahda Street ( UAE )
Get in touch with : +971-0501146093 ( UAE ) / Get in touch with : +91-8151988314 ( INDIA )
E-mail : sahilkolhapuri.1998@gmail.com
Respected Sir,
Overview of my credentials will concur that I am with the capacity of serving because the catalyst for achieving income objectives and organic development through effective contributions. I’ve over 2year encounter in Civil Site High quality and Engineer Control Building Works.
My encounter and qualification are coordinating with the work responsibilities described in the advertisement closely. Further I’m effectively used to Authorities Buildings and Codes Codes with my previous company.
I achieved specialize projects as Fuel pipe line Station ( Turn off ) project that is authorized by Hindustan Petroleum Co-corporation limited – Government entire body of India. Evaluation and Volume Surveying of Basket Filtration system foundation further , MLPF , Fire drinking water pump foundation, Cool flare stack base, Retaining wall, Lube essential oil, Quality slab of MLPF those accepted by Worley consultant India.
My excellent communication abilities and high professional specifications certainly are a perfect complement for your organization. I really believe my encounter would benefit your company.
I anticipate talking with you concerning this opportunities. Feel absolve to contact me to go over my more contribution to construction market. Thank you for the consideration.

Sahil Kolhapuri

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