Lloyd Instruments Materials Testing Software

NexygenPlus 4.1 multi-lingual materials testing software may be the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing system. The answer is suitable for tests the physical properties of raw material ahead of digesting, and for the development of new electronics functionality and design. It enables the operator to regulate and monitor all areas of the operational system from the single front end, making sure data and testing analysis for a number of test types such as for example tensile, compression, peeling, tearing, creep, relaxation, and flexural tests.

Like its predecessor, the Windows-centered NexygenPlus 4.1 software can take a massive library of pre-defined test setups, all in adherence to AACC, ASTM, DIN, EN, ISO, along with other international standards. Selecting through these pre-described test setups makes the program easy and quick to use. It also means that test setup method and information integrity is kept and repeated. The user may also elect to create custom multi-stage tests for more unique or complex test requirements.

{Mixed} with the company’s advanced LS or LD Series materials testing machines, {{it includes|it provides} {a remedy} for the electronics industry where tests of keypads,|{a remedy} is offered {because of it} for the electronics industry where tests of keypads,} electrodes, switches, cable, automotive electronic components, and more can be carried out in accordance with international standards.

  • The LS materials testing machines use high-accuracy interchangeable YLC Series load cells for tension, compression, and cycling through zero-force measurements, {{plus they} {possess} an accuracy of ±0.|and an accuracy is had by them of ±0.}5% from 1% to 100% of load cell value. The LS Series {possess} {a big} working area and {can be found in} three {dimensions} and capacities: the LS1 ({around} 1 kN/225 lbf), the LS2.5 ({around} 2.5 kN/562 lbf), and the LS5 (5kN/1124 lbf).
  • LD Series testing machines are {ideal for} {screening|tests|assessment|examining} applications {such as for example} plastic, rubber, wood, packaging, construction materials, metals, and automotive parts. {They’re} {created for} both routine quality control testing, {automatic} testing, and for {carrying out|executing} complex multi-stage testing and {can be found in} five bench {installed} models: the LD5 ({around} 5 kN/1124 lbf), LD10 ({around} 10 kN/2248 lbf), LD30 ({around} 30 kN/6744 lbf), LD50 ({around} 50 kN/11240 lbf), and LD100 ({around} 100 kN/22480 lbf).

{Not used to} the 4.1 version of NexygenPlus {may be the} intuitive {interface}, which resembles the Microsoft Office {interface}, {to provide} its users a familiar feeling {if they} enter the software {the very first time|the 1st time}. Additionally, the navigation {offers|provides} been simplified {to boost} the {simplicity} while maintaining {the initial} {sophisticated|superior|innovative} functionality that characterizes the NexygenPlus software.


Entire tests {could be} videoed and synchronized with the stress/strain data and replayed for {comprehensive} post-test analysis.|

Entire tests {could be} synchronized and videoed with the stress/strain data and replayed for detailed post-test analysis.} An optional security and audit trail module {offer|supply} 100% traceability, and the materials testing software {offers} full automation {convenience of} automatic testing.

NexygenPlus 4.1 interacts with Excel and Word {and will be offering} its user {the chance} of automatically transferring {test outcomes} {right to} the organizations’ own templates without user intervention. Live graphs {can be found} during {screening|tests|assessment|examining}, {SPC data {will be} continuously monitored,|SPC data {will be} monitored continuously,} and built-in export utilities {aid|help|support} direct {link with} LIMS systems.

NexygenPlus 4.1 {can be bought} {being an} upgrade to older NexygenPlus versions, or {within} a complete solution, {including {result|outcome} and IQ/OQ calculation verification.} Batch files {used in combination with} {earlier versions} of the materials {screening|tests|assessment|examining} software {could be} imported to NexygenPlus 4.{1 so {current} customers can seamlessly transition to the new version.|1 so {current} customers can transition to the new version seamlessly.}

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