Lighting Research Center Releases Report On UV Disinfection

The Lights Research Center (LRC) lately released its newest publication, “Lighting Solutions: UV Disinfection Items”. This on-line publication includes info on products that generate optical radiation at particular ultraviolet (UV) or extremely short visible wavelengths, created for use in disinfecting interior building surfaces and/or atmosphere.

Three key areas of UV disinfection are believed through the entire document from LRC: item effectiveness, radiation protection, and energy used in buildings.

Photo: Lighting Research CenterUV

The publication is organized right into a question-and-answer format. Queries were developed in line with the results of a study delivered by the LRC to lights stakeholders in June 2020. Important factors talked about in the wavelengths become incorporated by the publication of optical radiation popular for disinfection, key features of UV disinfection items out there currently, field evaluation and measurement of UV disinfection products, and available codes and rules regarding these products currently.

The publication also offers a concise guide for professionals that are taking into consideration the specification of UV disinfection products in structures, including a dialogue on selecting the dosage of UV radiation had a need to inactivate numerous kinds of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, or fungi) (See Figure 1).

Source: Lighting Research Middle report

Finally, the publication includes the full total outcomes of LRC testing of 12 UV disinfection products, representing a number of product types. This evaluation includes a overview of manufacturer claims of item performance and properly as LRC assessment of other key features of product efficiency. The report had been sponsored by the Lighting Energy Alliance, the McClung Lighting Research Foundation, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The 55-page document can be acquired free to the general public, courtesy of the aforementioned sponsors. Click here for accessibility to a PDF download or even to view online edition of the document.

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