LENSEC, Bosch Partnership Provides Unified Security Platform

LENSEC has introduced the integration of its Perspective Movie Management Software (PVMS)® with Bosch’s Intrusion Control Panels (B and G Series). The brand new partnership enables security operators to control intrusion, fire, and accessibility control systems while supervising video clip surveillance cameras from behind one pane of glass.

Through the integration, operators can view events released by the panel, such as for example gas, fire, and burglar alarms, and deliver commands to the linked device. Supported commands are the disarming and arming of devices, silencing and activating bells, bypassing points, and much more. This integration places alarm monitoring, gadget control, and event reaction into one intuitive interface, eliminating the necessity for multiple monitoring factors.

Most of all, all applicable actions and events can be found from the unified security platform supplied by the Perspective Video Management Software. The opportunity to bring control of disparate systems right into a single, browser-based application delivers critical time saving advantages. By leveraging the capabilities of the Bosch Intrusion Panel and the prevailing monitoring, reporting, and analytic features supplied by PVMS, security operators can manage multiple life-safety programs in one visual interface.

“We have been worked up about the integration between PVMS and Bosch’s intrusion panels since it will no doubt create things easier for security operators,” mentioned Michael Trask, Director of UNITED STATES Sales for LENSEC. “That which was once maintained from 3 or 4 different platforms is currently available under one system. This integration aligns with both Bosch’s and LENSEC’s goal of providing easy-to-use solutions for the clients.”

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