LAFC Deploys Facial Authentication Technology

The LA SOCCER TEAM (LAFC) announced that it’s embracing Alcatraz AI , the building access control technology developer, to supply touchless, badgeless building access for several staff at their house, Banc of California Stadium. Alcatraz’s facial authentication technology offers a frictionless access control experience that’s more hygienic and secure. The technology reduces touchpoints while streamlining building access protocols, and LAFC with a future-proof security solution.

As businesses begin resuming on-site operations, safety and health is top-of-mind. According to one study, two-thirds of workers have safety concerns because they return to on-site place of work participation, prompting company leaders to do something to boost their holistic safety scenery.

The soccer team is deploying Alcatraz AI’s facial authentication technologies to displace or augment badges for actual physical security and access manage. This technology will be implemented in every LAFC facilities, allowing the club to more resume on-site operations following the recent pandemic successfully. With touchless entry, operations leaders can take into account access security while accommodating new pandemic-inspired safe practices protocols also.

“Touchless access using face authentication increases building safety and user comfort. In today’s operational actuality, in addition, it enhances safety and health measures by reducing touchpoints and enabling robust contact tracing programs,” said Tina D’Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI. “We have been to greatly help companies secure physical spaces here, helping them resume on-site operations confidently, and we have been excited to aid LAFC within their efforts,” she adds.

“We have been excited to utilize the Alcatraz team to create the continuing future of security to all or any LAFC facilities,” explains Christian Lau, LAFC’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are implementing the touch-less building/space access solutions for the personnel to automate contact tracing and real-time mitigation all in a single device.”

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