Kingspan KoolDuct provides long-term air care

Over 15 yrs after it had been installed first, The Kingspan KoolDuct Program continues to aid excellent HVAC system efficiency within the Sterile Services Device (SSU) for the Hull University Training Hospitals NHS Rely on.

The purpose-built service handles all of the sterilisation of surgical and healthcare equipment for the neighborhood NHS Trust facilities. Within its structure, The Kingspan KoolDuct Program was utilized to fabricate over 1,400 m2 of provide and extract air flow ducts to and from the HVAC atmosphere handling units. The machine comprises foil-confronted rigid insulation panels which may be used to fabricate light-weight operates of ductwork. Specifiers observed that the rate and simple installation with KoolDuct, permitted through its pre-insulated style, was a key reason behind its make use of on the task.

A recent examination of the HVAC program demonstrated that the ductwork will be in excellent condition, with all junctions and joints continuing to supply a highly effective barrier against air loss. Ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct Program has been shown to attain air-leakage rates less than those of regular rectangular sheet steel ductwork. This enables the specification of smaller sized, better fans and really helps to decrease operational costs at the machine.

Cleanliness is really a key concern at the facility obviously, which includes maintaining a higher standard of indoor quality of air. Internal evaluation of the ductwork demonstrated that, because of a normal cleaning and inspection plan managed by the NHS estates office, the ductwork continues to be free and clean from particles. The Nationwide Association of Atmosphere Duct Specialists United kingdom (NAAD United kingdom) recommends that ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct Program should be cleaned utilizing a mechanical rotary brush with plastic-type fibres (polypropylene is preferred) at a speed as high as 900 RPM. Additionally it is recommended a plastic ball is suited to the ultimate end of the metallic shaft.

The only real significant change because the original set up was a new portion of ductwork, which have been put into replace a area that had experienced accidental damage. Independent analysis from Rider Levett Bucknall shows that the expense of sustaining ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct Program could be up to 48% less than for conventional sheet steel ducting lagged with mineral fibre insulation.

To support very existence assessments of ventilation techniques, an Environmental Item Declaration (EPD) has already been designed for The Kingspan KoolDuct Program. This certificate could be downloaded from the Kingspan site and in-depth lifecycle information regarding the product.

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