Maintaining your customers joyful is essential for the longevity of any continuing business. A happy customer can be a faithful one and that’s type in getting more company. After all, what’s far better than having your personal customers attest to you?

Knowing that, we developed Infraspeak’s CLIENT SATISFACTION function  – an instrument that allows one to see your personal business through somebody else’s eye: those on another end of the providers you offer.

Happy customers, resilient deals.

Customer Satisfaction’s definitive goal is to assist you to grow your organization by maintaining your customers loyal and content.

Infraspeak’s newest feature enables you to:

  • Know how happy your visitors are regarding the solutions you supply;
  • Analyse your team’s efficiency and your general method to customer support;
  • Identify strengths, possibilities and weaknesses to boost your business;
  • Draw improved and brand new frameworks to assist you give a better adjusted service.

Additionally, Infraspeak’s CLIENT SATISFACTION tool is really a precious ally with regards to obtaining quality regular certifications, such as for example ISO 9001.

Collect. Analyse. Do something.

improve and assure your customer’s fulfillment

To, you need to have a few important methods. But don’t worry, Infraspeak’s CLIENT SATISFACTION app was developed to assist you every step of the true way.

Collect evaluations

Infraspeak Immediate™ allows your visitors to rate your upkeep services on a level of just one 1 to 5 and also leave comments or information associated with function orders or planned careers.

It is possible to request testimonials by e-mail also, once you or complete a function or job order near. Don’t hesitate to ask! Worse situation scenario, you’ll get yourself a bad review sufficient reason for it, a chance to improve.

Analyse information

Here’s where this function truly shines because it enables you to gain important insight about your visitors, your team’s performance as well as your business. All information collected gets prepared in different ways so that you can analyse whatever you need rapidly and intuitively.

You’ll now look for a brand new column in the task orders and work orders section which allows one to quickly check the common rating of the solutions you provide. To learn even more details, all you require to accomplish is click that function or job purchase and check the particular CLIENT SATISFACTION area .

If you’re searching for a broader evaluation, that’s what Infraspeak’s Analytics app will there be for! There, you’ll have the ability to access various graphs with custom info and also utilise different filter systems to order your computer data how you see match.

Finally, if sharing rankings and comments together with your team or your visitors is your thing, you can always depend on Customer Reviews !


After analysing your computer data and identifying which areas of your organization or operation could be improved, it’s time to do something – implementing brand new frameworks or different methods, creating new groups and, needless to say, keep looking at if your changes will work.

Infraspeak’s Dashboard app is really a simple and hassle-free way to actively match the evolution of one’s CLIENT SATISFACTION metrics. Automatic assessment with previous time home windows can inform you effortlessly if you’re on the right course. All you possess to do is choose the data you would like to keep track of and add that area to your dashboard.

Infraspeak’s CLIENT SATISFACTION tool isn’t just a very important tool to measure the happiness of one’s customers. It’s ways to improve your procedure and advertise the continuity of one’s business.