Jump launches Net Zero Challenge

Sustainability engagement expert Leap has launched the web Zero Challenge, a fresh initiative to help individuals and organisations attain their net zero targets.

THE WEB Zero Problem  is really a sustainability engagement device combining a digital system with innovative communications that assists organisations motivate their visitors to decrease carbon emissions.

THE TASK is a reaction to the competition to internet zero, with employers looking to achieve this based on the UK’s commitment to internet zero by 2050. This season with COP26 occurring in Glasgow, the spotlight will be on UK businesses to provide against carbon decrease targets.

THE WEB Zero Challenge platform functions 30 unique internet zero carbon activities linked to travel, recycling, energy and nature, every month tying into nationwide events like World Atmosphere Day with an increase of added. A direct effect dashboard allows individuals and organisations to monitor the live influence of their activities through metrics like carbon emissions prevented and kilowatts of electrical power saved.

THE TASK utilizes gamification to encourage behaviour alter, as participants compete keenly against other organisations and people with sector-specific innovator boards.

Every month top-performing people win popular prizes which includes M&S National and vouchers Guide Tokens.  Top teams earn donations for charity and will vote for various neighborhood projects which includes local food banking institutions and Trees for Metropolitan areas’ Edible Playgrounds initiative.

THE WEB Zero Problem has been created for organisations that have employees working both from any office and in the home. Participants can accessibility the task through their browser on desktop, tablet or even mobile along with through dedicated cellular apps for Google android and iOS. 

During the last a decade, 15 million positive activities have been finished by Jump programme individuals who  saved over 4,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2020. 

  Jump’s customers include Barclays, the University of Manchester and Exeter University NHS Foundation Rely on.