Job Booking System, Request App & CAFM Updates

Job Booking System, Request App & CAFM Updates

Hi all,


Happy Halloween to everyone and I am hoping the ghosts and goblins behaved themselves last. The team at Trackplan have already been working very hard during the last 4 – 5 weeks to create an exciting selection of new features which will be open to all clients soon.

A listing of the brand new features:

  • Job booking – Job contacts (such as for example residents) can choose if they want the engineer or contractor to go to.
  • Dashboard – Improvements to the filters, capability to assign one or multiple Dashboards to ability and Users to rotate the dashboards, full screen mode.
  • Form Workflow – On Form Submit assign job to team or user.
  • New improvements and fields to Asset Details for asset life-cycle.
  • Request App for staff, tenants, and residents to improve requests from the mobile app.
  • New Knowledge Base –
  • Revenue Jobs.
  • Contracts area improvements.
  • Key job event notifications to job / site contact.
  • Auto approval of requests for several job teams and types.
  • Asset upload. Can associate each asset to around 6 planned maintenance schedules now.

october 31st release

Find out about our latest improvements in our, in the attached PDF here:  Job Booking System, Request App, Dashboard Improvements & CAFM Updates

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