JLL invests in mobile technician safety

JLL provides teamed up with workplace safety options provider StaySafe to keep its mobile technicians secure whilst working solely.

Corporate options, property management and property organisation, JLL, hires cellular technicians who assistance its accounts by undertaking maintenance just work at various properties such as for example roof work, filter transforming and coil cleansing. Despite technicians being provided fall protection teaching, any roof work completed is usually completed by one worker and supervisors were concerned because of their safety should a major accident arise. As a genuine solution to strengthen its existing safe practices policy, JLL has committed to StaySafe, as a separate lone worker remedy.

The StaySafe cellular app enables JLL to protect a lot more than 70 cellular technicians, who work and frequently work from height by itself, enabling employers to rapidly and locate lone employees within an emergency and deliver immediate help easily.

Technicians is now able to make use of StaySafe to log their arrival and secure departure from each external go to simply by pressing a button. If a worker fails to check-in throughout a lone operating session safely, comes with an accident or raises an alert, managers can locate them and obtain help away straight.

StaySafe’s man down alert means that if an employee have not shifted for a time period, a non-motion alert will be triggered in the event there has been a major accident. This is particularly ideal for JLL’s technicians who spend a whole large amount of time working alone, from travelling and height. The panic alert function enables staff to notify a supervisor if they’re in a dangerous circumstance. Their manager may then send assist with them.

Bruce Brown, Director of Functions commented: “We’re really happy with how properly the app has already been integrated into the business. The team were excellent with answering any queries we’d and our staff possess reassurance when working by yourself.”

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe additional: “Falls from height will be the third-highest reason behind fatal injury and take into account 20 per cent of most fatal accidents, in accordance with statistics extracted from the HSE. With this thought, we are happy to provide a solution that may provide help should a fall take place.”