JLG R2632 Electric Scissor Lift

The R2632 electric scissor raise from JLG Industrial sectors, Inc. , an Oshkosh Corporation company, will be rated for both indoor and outdoor use. This 26′ platform elevation, 32″ wide device will be ANSI 92.20 compliant and allows users to lease one device to perform a variety of design and maintenance tasks face to face web site.

The narrow width of the R2632 enables it to easily maneuver by way of a individual doorway, while its zero-switch radius makes it simple to position, in tight workspaces particularly.

“JLG’s dedication to helping customers become more effective on the working work inspired us to generate this multipurpose scissor,” mentioned Rafael Nuñez, senior product supervisor, scissors and vertical lifts, JLG. “The efficiencies developed by having one device verses two separate devices improves efficiency and streamlines fleet administration for those requiring an individual indoor/outdoor device.”

Regular R2632 functions include JLG’s energetic pothole protection program with an individual limit switch and an individual plunger, leading to fewer moving components and reduced service specifications to optimize uptime. Quick access to inner machine components simplifies maintenance over the JLG R-series further. Additionally, the industry-special variable-tilt technologies with a visible indicator enables operators to focus on minor slopes increasing the functioning envelope. An all-steel system, steel element trays, and recessed terrain control panel assist deliver long-term device durability.

Lift period for the R2632 is 32 secs, lower time will be 24 seconds, and maximum floor bearing pressure is 92 psi. The electrical scissor lift weighs 4,310 pounds, platform dimension is 25.4″ x 84″, platform capacity is 507 lbs, and the hydraulic reservoir includes a capacity of 4 gallons. Surface clearance will be 4″.

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