Is not being HandSafe costing your business?

Whether it’s in your washroom, front-of-house, reception locations, working areas or in staff places, HandSafe hands hygiene genuinely cares for the users’ health and wellness, along with their encounter. Being HandSafe means delivering high quality hands hygiene, customized to your facility’s needs. In a nutshell, it’s carrying out more than simply container ticking.

While more companies are now conscious of the significance of good hands hygiene, most are still placing their business at an increased risk through their sanitiser and soap choices.

Here, professionals at Rubbermaid Commercial Items assist you to identity where poor hands hygiene could possibly be letting your organization down and provide their top strategies for obtaining HandSafe .

Do you know the risks of not getting HandSafe?

Harm to your status

With 74% of individuals saying that filthy washrooms cause bad perceptions of a service 1 and 84% saying personal manage of cleaning is essential to make them feel secure 2 , your washrooms are simply as vital for developing a good impression of one’s service as your front-of-house locations. With regards to giving a high-high quality experience, the actions you try help retain existing clients and attract new types need to expand to your washroom or you operate the chance of damaging your popularity.

Top suggestions:

  • Your visitors and employees desire to take control with noticeable and high-quality hands hygiene that’s pleasurable to utilize and works each time. Malfunctioning and grubby-searching soap dispensers or pump best bottles can undermine your time and efforts elsewhere. High quality and durability are as a result a must.
  • With 66% of individuals saying they make use of a variety of strategies (including flushing the bathroom . making use of their feet!) in order to avoid making connection with anything in a washroom 4 , providing touch-totally free hand cleansing with automated dispensers – preferred by 92% of individuals 5 – can help ensure that your washroom doesn’t harm your reputation.

Hitting your important thing

There can happen to be little distinction with regards to selecting soap and sanitiser dispensers but going for a closer consider the long-expression implications of setting up the cheapest dispensers you will find reveals the reality. Flimsy dispensers don’t stand the check of period meaning replacements will be required or worse nevertheless, backup pump tops set up close to them!

Purchasing in bulk sometimes appears because the economical choice often, but when it involves hand hygiene, mass fill (top up) options are deceptive. Larger dosage sizes and much less concentrated product outcomes in a lot more wastage and much more frequent refilling, adding unwanted cost and trouble you don’t need.

Top ideas:

  • Prioritise durability whenever choosing your dispensers to greatly help minimise replacement expenses. Not only that, if you buy better, you waste less and too enhance your sustainability practices! Consider dispensers that include a lifetime guarantee to put your brain at rest.
  • Select dispensers that make use of hygienically sealed refills for controlled dispensing and much more apps per refill. The proper amount of item for a safe thoroughly clean is dispensed minus the unwelcome wastage, which means better cost used .

Reducing efficiency

If your hands hygiene provision isn’t around the standards individuals expect, they’re less inclined to utilize it. With 80% of germs distribute by fingers 6  and viruses in a position to survive on fingers up to 5 minutes after transfer from the surface 7 , it’s obvious to see that without quality hands hygiene solutions the distribute of ailments such as for example colds, flu, abdomen bugs and COVID-19 becomes much more likely. With employees averaging three sick times each year 8  efficiency losses are higher.

If you’re using mass fill up sanitiser and soap dispensers, the chance is even higher – at the very least 1 in 4 mass fill hands hygiene dispensers are usually contaminated with illness-causing germs 9 . You can find multiple factors on the dispenser where bacterias can contaminate the replenishment provide, such as for example an open-top push-switch and lid. Often, units don’t obtain cleaned but are usually “topped off” against guidelines 10  plus they can’t be decontaminated then; an infected unit should be replaced to remove the chance 11 fully.

Top guidelines

  • You can help to keep your people secure with top quality soap and hands sanitiser in your washroom and during your whole facility, encouraging make use of with visible, touch-totally free dispensers.
  • Choose dispensers that make use of hygienically sealed refills to help keep sanitisers and soap refreshing and clear of cross-contamination.

Challenging your sustainability targets

User-preferred automated touch-free of charge dispensers give your customers the top quality, HandSafe hands hygiene provision you will need, but these dispensers are usually run by batteries traditionally, only 5% which are effectively recycled 12 . Therefore, touch-free enough is not.  For the people-pleasing, friendly choice environmentally, think contact and battery-free hands hygiene dispensers like RCP’s revolutionary market-top LumeCel AutoFoam .

Can be your soap and sanitiser permitting you to down?

To consult with one of RCP’s professionals about how it is possible to upgrade your hands hygiene and obtain your facility HandSafe, sign up your information right here .


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