Inventory controller Required


Job Explanation
Maintain a precise inventory of share, through undertaking a variety of stock control actions in order to make sure that stock us successfully controlled, discrepancies are usually minimized, and damaged share is documented to Warehouse (with documentation).
Place Obtain transfer of Items (RTG) on a every week base and receiving them, evaluation documentation and monitor item codes to find discrepancies in addition to conduct daily back again barring and examination on expired items in the share and the store.
Ensure regulation of in stock degree complies with stock parameters and also conduct examination of expired items and notify the supervisor for further activities.
Reconcile item pricing quantity with the total amount mentioned in the machine and keep carefully the Spa supervisor informed about brand new received released items.<br inspects all guest places, such as for example front desk, pre‐therapy and treatment areas to make sure they are kept thoroughly clean and organized.
Perform Devices tests and checks and notify the servicing team of any upkeep problems.
Supervise and record any incident that contradicts with the Store SOP’s, ensure and ethics adherence to quality enhancement or corrective action programs.
Generate concise and informative administration Perform and reports schedule clerical duties, including data entry.
Record aging items and ensure making use of FIFO/ LIFO method.
Follow-up on products actions within departments and keep track of the discontinued items.
Perform checks of pubs on daily foundation and proper labelling back again, reconcile stock on‐Hands count with Dolphin reviews.
Coordinate with the warehouse successively to keep a frequent record of stock administration techniques by highlighting and resolving any inaccuracies and mistakes.
Manage the putting of orders and guarantee requested items are delivered promptly.
Supervise the stocking or unpacking of shelves, and also the regular of merchandising to make sure appropriate display and undamaged stock.
In charge of ordering and replenishing shares as accepted by the Manager.
Manage the returns, receivables and transfers procedures effectively, including establishing and maintaining a short-term holding section of transfers and returns, identifying any patterns associated with returns and by using this given information to create recommendations for improvement.
Coordinate and take part in annual and normal inventory audits and Maintain updated inventory records.
Maintain the clean and properly‐organized stock room.
Maintain great working connection among co‐employees and the Spa supervisor and cooperate with the Warehouse for stock reports.

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