A great deal of servicing and facility management businesses work with a billing model predicated on “service deals” or monthly charges for some preventive maintenance and gentle services. But think about fixes that don’t match the description? Each is impossible and distinctive to predict. This poses a significant accounting challenge: you need to monitor period, labour, and components to create a final cost, and prepare and send an invoice to the client then.

Correction… posed . Back many years ago, you had to hold back for the technicians reviews to know just how long the restoration took and what components were used. With upkeep management systems, conversation became a lot more direct. Still, it required quite an attempt from the relative back again office to transform that info into invoices quickly and confirm payments.

Now, it’s achievable to bring all the details together about the same system. Infraspeak’s smart maintenance management system has indigenous applications to control sales, send estimates to your visitors, and, if necessary, cross-reference that details with costs and shares. Then, to show these product sales into invoices, integrate together with your invoicing software simply. 

Benefits of integrating maintenance software program with invoicing software program

Problem an invoice after registering a selling


When the client approves the registers and quotation the purchase on the platform, the info appears in your invoicing software automatically. This boosts the ongoing function of the accounting section, which only must confirm obligations. If you don’t automate this technique, you’ll constantly have to check on which services were offered on each event (hours, parts, etc.), that may lead to lack of information and invoicing mistakes.

Improve consumer and transparency self-confidence

In the event that you charge your solutions by the entire hour, integrating  accounting and servicing software escalates the transparency of one’s business. Customers shall understand that you are charging  specifically for enough time the specialist was on-web site and for the providers you supplied.

Adjusting agreements and setting prices a lot more accurately

In accordance with our customers, among the benefits of using Infraspeak will be that it enables them “to regulate contracts to the task actually completed”. Since professionals can ensure their existence with a straightforward swipe, the supervisor can see just how much period is invested with each customer, how many assets have to be monitored and the true scope of the ongoing function. You cross-check these details with invoices once, it is possible to review monthly costs and steer clear of losses. 

Eliminate document and duplicated information

Another benefit of integrating upkeep accounting and software software program would be to eliminate paper once and for all. Details flows to the financing department without needing to create ledgers, duplicate information or any documents. Plus, it eliminates the probability of human error and enables you to organise accounting in real-time, of waiting to get invoices instead. 

So how exactly does Infraspeak integrate with invoicing software program?

Infraspeak may be the many built-in maintenance platform out there. Our IMMP integrates with different accounting tools, which includes Zoho Invoice, Freshbooks, QuickBooks Online and AT-certified software program such as for example Invoicexpress and Moloni. In addition, it integrates with payment processors such as PayPal or even Stripe also. 

But so how exactly does Infraspeak integrate with invoicing accounting and software equipment?

By integrating Infraspeak with the accounting software program utilized by your company, it is possible to automatically generate and deliver an invoice to your customer once you:

  • Confirm the completion of the ongoing work order; 
  • Confirm the completion of planned function; 
  • Approve sales and quotations in the Infraspeak Product sales app. 

With this particular automation of the invoicing procedure, you get gone paperwork, spend less period managing invoices, and maintain your accounts to be able effortlessly. 

Crucial apps to optimise your product sales process

⚙️ Product sales App. Our product sales app is the correct app for managing rates and registering new product sales. After registering each selling, you can choose the resources assigned to each working work and their cost, in order to compare expenses with revenues. This real way, the finance division can optimise the cost of solutions and invoicing.

⚙️ Cost Administration. Among the add-ons you may use to optimise your allowance is usually cost administration . Here, specialists can record all of the expenses incurred through the quality of a malfunction as well as during preventive maintenance. They are your “raw material” expenses and Infraspeak generates automated economic analysis reviews.

⚙️ Send Quotations (via Infraspeak Immediate). But not linked to your accounting, we remind you that you could send estimates to your visitors via Infraspeak Immediate . Once the estimate is approved, it generates a work order instantly, where one can record all of the ongoing service information. 

The more software program and apps you integrate with Infraspeak, the higher your automation capacity. Subsequently, this raises your streamlines and performance communication with the financial department, so that you can control all expenses and revenues better. 

Plan a demo with among our experts to discover how Infraspeak matches your operation as well as your challenges.