Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Maintenance Technician (nuclear) – Nawah Energy Company

Job Explanation

Work Purpose:

To business lead and perform Instrumentation and Manage (I&C) maintenance focus on the Barakah Nuclear Strength Plants.

Function involves conducting Periodic Tests, Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Surveillance and Servicing Testing of basic safety and non-safety-related Structures, Components and systems. 

Technicians must read/review the maintenance job and associated documentation, perform the maintenance activity relative to the procedure, perform and troubleshoot corrective activities as required, and update the tools/maintenance report on the computerized upkeep management program. 

Knowing of and adherence to the Nuclear Basic safety Standards, Quality Assurance Specifications, Safety and health Criteria and Environmental Protection Requirements is essential.

Key Actions

Conducting Maintenance Routines

  • Review and comprehend ‘function packages’ and the average person requirements of the servicing activity/routines.
  • Perform correct and timely preparing and staging of upkeep work activities including however, not limited by the submission of procurement requests on the computerised program for equipment spare components and special equipment to make sure that maintenance actions are properly resourced.
  • Sign-on to Function to authorize the task to commence on construction Clearances, system or component also to make sure that the ongoing work could be conducted safely.
  • Lead/Attend and take part in Pre-Job Briefs to make sure that all specifications of the maintenance job are understood – including however, not limited to risky or high complexity routines, safety factors (both nuclear and regular), and parallel work actions.
  • Conduct a variety of maintenance routines to the best standard and completely adherence to the servicing and safety methods and procedures.
  • Conduct system/devices troubleshooting to identify program faults or defects and consider the necessary corrective activity(s) to make sure that problems are resolved regularly.
  • Lead/Attend Post-Job Testimonials to make sure that any understanding from the work action is discussed and documented so the learning could be incorporated in to the process or processes.
  • Utilise the Corrective Activity Program (CAP) to report plant deficiencies and enhance performance.
  • Report the completion of upkeep activates and any appropriate maintenance results on the computerized servicing management system.
  • Assistance the creation of Self Assessments to supply self-critical and useful enhancement.

Safe Functioning Behaviors

  • Strictly stick to the Nawah Safe practices policies, processes, treatments and directions during all areas of work/employment to make sure that the best standards of security are maintained.
  • Align and behaviours to the Business ‘LEAD AT SITE’ ideals of Lead adhere, Enable, Align, Path, Accountability, Teamwork, Security, Integrity, Excellence and trust.

‘Fix it Today’ (FIN) Group, On-Call and Emergency Reaction Organisation (ERO) Help

  • As required (just a percentage of professionals will be necessary to perform these responsibilities), support the working plant by following continuous shift working design as a FIN Group member to react to out-of-hrs breakdowns.
  • As required (just a percentage of specialists will be necessary to perform these responsibilities) support the On-Contact Rota or the Crisis Response Organisation (ERO) when you are available to react to a breakdown or a meeting beyond normal working hrs

Excellence and Quality Administration

  • Ensure dedication to a lifestyle of continuous improvement through the elimination of waste, following operations techniques, practicing innovation, issue solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management Program procedures and policies; receiving and offering constructive feedback; and striving to meet up quality stakeholder and specifications expectations. 
  • Ensure Dedication to the Nawah LEAD and Fundamentals AT Web site values.


Qualifications and Work Expertise

  • In possession of a “Technician” certificate or comparative qualification
  • In possession of a “Technician” certificate (or comparative) And also a Bachelor’s diploma in Electrical or Digital Engineering.
  • Over 5 years of maintenance expertise including 3 years or even more of nuclear plant upkeep encounter.

Basic Qualifications (Will need to have MOST of the using)

  • I&C Drawing
  • Use We&C Hand Equipment (incl. Soldering stations)
  • Maintain Device Tubing & Fittings
  • Make use of Measuring and Test Products
  • Maintain Connectors & Connections

Intermediate Qualifications (Will need to have MOST of the right after)

  • I&C Common Upkeep
  • Maintain Pressure Loop Gadgets
  • Maintain Flow Loop Products
  • Maintain Level Loop Gadgets
  • Maintain Temperature Loop Products
  • Perform Device Channel Loop Checks
  • Transmission Conditioners and Secondary Handle Loop Instruments

Specialized Qualifications (Will need to have MOST from the next)

  • Maintain Controllers and Regulators
  • Maintain and Diagnose Atmosphere Operated Valves and Dampers/Louvers
  • Maintain Exclusive Instrumentation
  • Maintain Analytical Loop Gadgets
  • Maintain Radiation Instruments for Radiation Supervising
  • Maintain Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Neutron Flux and Reactivity Handle Instruments

Metrological Laboratory Specialists (Beneficial)

  • ISO/IEC/7025 General Specifications
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Measuring & Test Equipment Management Program (MTES)
  • Maintain Accuracy Stress M&TE
  • Maintain Accuracy Electrical M&TE
  • Maintain Precision Temp M&TE
  • Maintain Accuracy Torque and Dimensional M&TE
  • Maintain Accuracy Bulk M&TE

I&C Techniques (Will need to have at the least x2 from the next)

  • Auxiliary Feed-water System Servicing
  • Core Protection Calculator Program Upkeep
  • Chemical & Volume Handle System Servicing
  • Chemical & Quantity I&C Facility Upkeep
  • Diverse Protection System Servicing
  • Digital Rod Control Program and CEA Upkeep
  • External-Core Neutron Flux Supervising System Servicing
  • Engineered Safety Features Element Control System Upkeep
  • Inadequate Core Cooling Supervising System Servicing
  • In-Core Instrumentation System Upkeep
  • Information Processing System Servicing
  • Internal Refueling Water Storage space Tank System Upkeep
  • Main Feed Drinking water Pump Turbine Control Program Servicing
  • Man-Machine Interface System Upkeep
  • Main Steam Control Program Servicing
  • Nuclear Steam Supply Program Integrity Monitoring System Upkeep
  • Process Component Control Program Servicing
  • Plant Protection System Upkeep
  • Qualified Indication & SECURITY ALARM Servicing
  • Reactor COOLING SYSTEM Upkeep
  • Radiation Monitoring System Servicing
  • Radioactive Waste System Upkeep
  • Seismic Monitoring System Servicing
  • Steam Generator Level Handle System Upkeep
  • Turbine Control System Servicing
  • Vibration Monitoring System Upkeep

Job Information

Job Place
United Arab Emirates

Company Market
GAS Distribution

Company Kind
Employer (Open public Sector)

Job Function
Maintenance, Fix, and Technician

Work Type

Monthly Income Range

Amount of Vacancies

Preferred Applicant

Career Degree
Mid Profession

Years of Encounter
Min: 5

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