Innovative, functional and ingenious design: German Innovation Award 2021 and IF Design Award 2021 for the DURABLE Monitor Mounts

An ‘excellent innovative accomplishment’ and a ‘successful relationship of form and efficiency’ – known as to assess DURABLE’s Keep track of Mounts, both German Style Council and the jury of the iF Style Award were filled with compliment. Having emerged as champion of the German Advancement Awards 2021 sufficient reason for a ‘Special Point out’ from the jury of the 2021 iF Style Awards, DURABLE Keep track of Mounts currently count simply no fewer than five various prestigious certificates and awards with their name.


Last, they won not merely the Iconic Award and the German Style Award, but additionally received an IGR Certification because of their contribution to occupational ergonomics and health.

‘Our keep track of stands combine features with aesthetic attractiveness and enable customers to focus on their screens a lot more ergonomically and more effectively’ , describes Martina Heiland, mind of DURABLE’s PR. ‘Users verify the all-round achievement of our design – therefore do juries of professionals.’

The useful design components of the award-successful DURABLE Keep track of Mounts make dealing with a screen a lot more ergonomic. The elegant, flexible mechanical components allow each user to regulate the height infinitely, distance and position of the monitor to match their individual needs.

The German Innovation Award assesses options and items from all industries. The focus will be on user-friendly, innovative styles that benefit individuals in unprecedented ways. The German presents it Style Council, Germany’s top authority for style and brands.

The winners of the 2021 iF Style Award were selected by a jury comprising 98 international experts, who experienced to assess a complete of 9 very first,059 submissions. The jury not merely provided marks for originality, innovativeness and functionality, but for the amount to that your products benefit workplaces furthermore, society and the surroundings at large.

Design expertise wins numerous awards

Recently, DURABLE has won a lot more than 100 prestigious awards. Many of these spend tribute to the revolutionary ways we combine efficiency and aesthetic appeal, also to the exceptional high quality of our product styles. ‘We concentrate on sustainable style’ , clarifies Martina Heiland. ‘Thank you to timeless aesthetic charm, robust materials and superior workmanship, DURABLE items are perfect for any and every place of work. Consumers who choose Long lasting items know they’re choosing effective, reliable solutions which will enhance their work place long-expression.’

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