In today’s competitive planet, with stakes greater than ever,  servicing and facilities managers make an effort to achieve near-zero downtime, operational efficiency and profits on return. 


  Technologies is definitely steadily emerging as our just tool to handle more sophisticated structures and more rigorous safe practices regulations. This technologies can collect and shop data for us, but also connect to others to automate optimise and taskflows our restricted resources. The end-result is additional time to help make the big phone calls. 


  Infraspeak’s integration with Siemens Desigo CC connects facilities, possessions, data, and groups, guiding your business in to the age of cleverness. 

About Desigo CC, Siemens’ Building Management Program (BMS)

Siemens’ Desigo™ CC software is really a BMS which specialises in job automation for high-performance structures. It had been developed for comfortable, secure and efficient services and will be scalable – covering simple single-discipline techniques and complex easily, integrated buildings fully. 


  A BMS like Siemens Desigo CC may be the perfect tool for managing mechanical and electrical tools in your building, and in real-time remotely. It allows off-site employees to control ventilation, lighting, fire security techniques, security alarms and much more. Furthermore, real-time checking permits instant detection of adjustments of performance, whilst in-built analytics and reviews functionalities aid decision producing. 


  Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily simple for businesses to extract the entire value of the data because it’s distribute across several silos that not interact. Will there be an easy remedy, though?


  Without a doubt there will be!  You need to use a smart maintenance management systems (IMMP) like Infraspeak. 

Why integrate upkeep and building management techniques?

Infraspeak can collect details from several platforms and platforms and procedure everything in near real-time in one dashboard.


  Integrating a smart Maintenance Management System with a BMS provides many benefits since it gives amenities and maintenance supervisors a holistic look at of both building and the property within it. 


  Both function in harmony, centralising all necessary data linked to the operation to greatly help facilities and servicing teams draw much better conclusions on how best to operate better. 


 during the day In an easier way than juggling several techniques, this integration allows maintenance teams to work faster using one central dashboard just. 


  Additionally, integrations such as this between the IMMP and BMS increase several processes. One example may be the creation of function orders. With everything linked, contractors or in-house employees are notified once the BMS raises an alarm, and just start work when essential. This cuts unnecessary upkeep. 


  Another crucial benefit to the integration will be that as a lot more data is gathered (devices history, maintenance logs, stats etc), it becomes an easy task to identify patterns increasingly, spikes and outlying information points, today meaning it is possible to find out about your operation, for tomorrow and plan. Infraspeak then methods in and mines that information to crunch it into smart suggestions, alerts, and job automation. This improves operational efficiency but plays a part in and improves the info loop also.

Integrating Infraspeak with Siemens Desigo CC

By merging Siemens’  advanced building asset supervising capacity with Infraspeak’s holistic servicing management suite, you get a really comprehensive solution which reduces overhead expenses and wait periods on breakdowns. 


  Key info for energy and upkeep management, temperatures readings and uptime dimensions namely, are usually collated in real-time to simplify information collection procedures. 


  Information gathered by Siemens Desigo CC is distributed to Infraspeak and therefore whenever a secured asset faces a possible issue, it really is flagged, before a function order is created, assisting you to meet pre-described SLAs. 

So how exactly does the workflow operate? 

  • Asset dimensions monitored by Siemens Desigo CC are included with Infraspeak’s. 
  • Infraspeak creates automated corrective function orders when:
    • asset servicing alarms are usually triggered (reminders to improve air filters, abnormal device heat range, etc.)
    • energy intake is above X degree;
    • amount of working hrs above Y. 

Key advantages

Infraspeak’s integration with Siemens Desigo CC links facilities, assets, information, and groups.

  • Preventive and corrective activities are manufactured and assigned using information intelligence and automation instantly.  
  • The reaction period of the united group is reduced because of real-period asset monitoring and information synchronisation.  
  • The maintenance team may complete all their function making use of one dashboard just.  
  • A competent operation allows building supervisors to save since it cuts out unnecessary upkeep interventions considerably. 



How can you activate this integration? 

Integrating a maintenance program with external software program is not any longer a mammoth job. The protocols of standardised information swap and cloud computing possess made this kind of integration achievable in – literally – 5 minutes, with both systems kept up-to-date always. 


  Nevertheless, it is a thing that requires preparing. That’s why, if you are a Infraspeak customer and so are thinking about this integration, speak to your Customer Success Supervisor. They will assist you to recognize what details you will need from the exterior software to aid your maintenance functions on Infraspeak and which operational information is essential for the system to be incorporated. 


 no Infraspeak customer Still? Guide a personalised demo of our intelligent maintenance management system and find out how we might help your procedure.

Satisfy Infraspeak and Siemens at the Hannover Messe 2022

We have been going to the Hannover Messe 2022 to showcase how Infraspeak’s intelligent servicing management system might help businesses achieve complete digital transformation in age Maintenance 5.0 .

We’ve ready insightful Talks on Upkeep 5 also.0 and on digitalisation within Facility Administration: 

  1. Speak “Maintenance 5.0 – A FRESH Revolution”: May 30th, 5-5:30 pm, Hall 5
  2. Speak “Digital Ecosystems – Digitally worldwide”: June 1st, 9.30-11 am, Hall 2

Check us out at Stand 67, June 2nd hall 5 from Might 30th to!