Don’t obtain lost in day-to-day operations. Infraspeak Maps teaches you the real solution to a far more agile and efficient operation. How?

Uncover the main advantages In Infraspeak Maps

a) Everything is seen on your own Maps

Maps may be the latest app from Infraspeak, made to offer you unprecedented visibility into your organization, distributing your operations on an interactive map . It’s so simple, an instant glance at you’re held by this app up-to-date with everything that is being conducted, from open work orders to ongoing prepared job orders . With Maps you can view your buildings, tools and locations in accordance with their actual location and you will instantly see what function has been undertaken in these buildings or assets.

Maps also offers you the opportunity to locate your team and see what they’re focusing on, so it’s simpler to coordinate on a day-to-day basis and distribute function in a balanced and efficient way. Thus, it is possible to optimise the allocation of assets and enhance the management of one’s team .

b) Technicians in the proper direction

On the technician’s side, Maps gives many advantages also, through the seamless articulation with navigation equipment mainly, such as for example Google Maps, installed upon the smartphone already.

By simply clicking the “HEAD TO” button, on the gear or location sheet, your team members will be able to follow the very best path to their destination, without getting dropped.

It is possible to lessen your team’s stress and maintain clients joyful while saving cash and time.

Another benefit of Maps may be the automatic updating of the buildings’ and resources’ coordinates by reading through NFC tags or QR codes. If you choose this option, each right period the technician reads an NFC tag or QR code, the coordinates corresponding compared to that building, devices or location could be updated, enhancing the accuracy of actual location data.

c)  From Maps to Dashboard (just around the corner)

By combining the various filters and layers, you can pick the information you need to see easily, customising your Maps. It is possible to, for example, opt to:

See just locations with planned work orders happening, from the XPTO customer and see if you can find technicians in those coordinates.

Fortunately you could add each one of these maps to the Dashboard , generating widgets, which means you don’t need to reselect layers and filter systems when you wish to see that provided information again. Develop a map to discover assets with open function orders, another to find only your locations, yet another to basically see the buildings only… the possibilities are usually limitless!

[Take note: We are nevertheless working out the ultimate information on this feature, so it’s not available yet. However, it will soon be, we will keep you informed! We just wished to let you understand about any of it in advance once we believe it might bring plenty of value to your organization.]

How will you begin using Infraspeak Maps?

The initial step to begin with using Maps would be to connect it to Infraspeak . Visit the Hub, enter the Apps & Add-ons tab, discover Maps and link it. When you have any nagging problems linking, get in touch with your administrator or your Consumer Success Manager.

The next thing is to configure the settings linked to the automatic update of the coordinates through the Technician app (it is extremely simple!).

As soon as these steps have already been completed by you, you are usually ready to begin taking advantage of Maps:

  • Find your buildings, apparatus and locations on the map, plus your team. All will undoubtedly be marked and identified by way of a highly intuitive program of icons clearly, which you can select to access more info;
  • Know where function is taking place. Icons identify open function orders and ongoing planned work orders also;
  • Explore filter systems and layers, include widgets to the Dashboard together with your desired views, and obtain personalised insights into your operation with a straightforward jump to the Dashboard (available shortly) ;
  • Help your technicians reach the proper place, at the proper time, giving them the option to check out directions to the coordinates of another service.

With Infraspeak Maps you’ll possess unprecedented visibility into your procedures, so that you can make your organization more efficient. Think it is inside our Hub and stick to your functions in the field.

Should you have any relevant questions, or if you want more info, don’t hesitate to get hold of us.