“Reception: Departure in room 302. Tomorrow at 9 following guest expected.30 

Operations: Okay, noted, I’m likely to pass the given info to housekeeping 

Functions: Cleaning required in 302, accompanied by an inspection. Tomorrow in 9 arrival expected.30

Housekeeping group: Noted, Can get on with it we’ll. I’ll inform you when I’ve completed.”

Does that problem? Then take the time to find the brand new app from Infraspeak: Housekeeper , created with the hotel sector at heart. 

What’s Housekeeper? 

Housekeeper is Infraspeak’s brand new app, intended to optimise the administration of housekeeping and servicing operations in areas such as for example hotels, chalets along with other types of lodging, minus the and forth of calls and messages back. 

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This software to manage possessions, basically, locations like resort rooms, and devices such as lifts and beds. It also efficiently assists distribute function more. But that’s not absolutely all! Among the opportunities, the main benefits of Housekeeper are usually:


Greater manage

and visibility

You merely need to have a look at the Asset Dashboard to remain informed about precisely what is happening. You will find out the standing of every asset, jobs schedules, happening and closed, who’s undertaking the ongoing work, measure the SLAs and understand the occupancy rate of one’s accommodation also.
Basically, you will find out what’s happening, where it really is happening and who’s carrying it out.

This kind of information allows you to adjust your procedures and respond properly to the true needs of one’s lodging. 


Elimination of repetitive centralisation

and tasks

With Housekeeper, it is possible to transform routine jobs into automations and free of charge yourself from repetitive duties, which have until been coordinated by telephone and about paper now. Moreover, since Housekeeper combines with the Infraspeak mobile (technician’s app), your group, whether maintenance or housekeeping, knows what work must be done and, the moment it’s finished, it could be marked as shut. 

The mixture and automations with the specialist’s app can make the operation even more agile and effective. Everything will be centralised in one location, in Infraspeak. 


Integration possible with PMS

Another of Housekeeper’s strengths may be the chance for integrating it with Home Management Techniques (PMS), meaning, software program for managing bookings, departures and arrivals. 

With this particular synergy, you will be able to simplify conversation between reception as well as your team, combining occupancy plus booking points with the housekeeping plus maintenance operations. That way, you don’t optimise the processes just, the complete working routine of one’s staff is enhanced. 

[And, while we’re at it… Perhaps you have heard about Infraspeak integration with Nonius? Nonius is really a hub of technical solutions for the resort industry which facilitates the integration of varied PMS options, from Opera, Tesipro, to so numerous others. Discover more about this solution right here ]. 


One operation, various statuses

Housekeeper is founded on asset status modification, in other words, if the available room is clear, dirty, ready for examination, etc. These statuses should reflect your hotel’s operational movement in order that Housekeeper can fulfill the real needs of one’s lodging. 

Therefore, by configuring Housekeeper, along with needing to associate asset classes and technical skills, you will have to create purchase and statuses them relative to your operations. 

Exemplory case of statuses: Clean, Dirty, Free of charge/Dirty, Ready for examination

Statuses help with keeping your operation organised, helping you to know the status of every asset at fine times. Moreover, they’re a starting place for automations. 


An automation can be an automated and customisable workflow (or section of it), in which a stimulus triggers an activity, moving a secured asset from the original status to your final position. 

[ Initial status -» Automation -» Last standing] 

Through Housekeeper’s automations, it is possible to define what goes on to a secured asset of a particular building and define a computerized flow of functions.

Regarding Housekeeper, you can generate 2 forms of automations:  


Time-structured automation 

Time-based automation gets the goal of altering the position of the asset.
A secured asset from the specific category movements from the original status to the ultimate standing each day at the set up time.

Example: Each day at 06.00, the property from the Double Room type move from Clean position to Occupied/Dirty status.day time

On check-out, it is possible to change the guidelines and opt for among following choices: 

  • Maintain automation.
  • Stop the automation, quite simply, the asset continues to be in its initial phase.
  • Keep up with the automation, changing to a new final status, for instance, Free of charge/Dirty


Status-centered automation

Status-based automation gets the goal of scheduling jobs. Quite simply, of modifying the standing instead, as occurs in time-based automation, this automation triggers the scheduling of an operating job order your team must perform. As as this is completed soon, this asset shall proceed to a new status. 

Example: Once the resources of a Double Space category proceed to the Occupied/Dirty status, the Regular Housekeeping tasks will be scheduled. As soon as they’re finished, it techniques to the Clean position.

The benefit of both forms of automations is you could combine them to generate automated workflows that promise the consistency of one’s operations and quality level. By merging the time-structured automations with the status-based automations, it is possible to create workflows such as for example:

Status A -» Time-centered automation -» Status B -» Status-based automation -» Planned job order -» Work closed -» Status C -» (Therefore on…Isn’t it amazing?)

For example, this sequence would bring about something such as: 

trip to 06

Every.00, the possessions from the Double Room classification move from the Clean standing to Occupied/Dirty status. Once the property of a Double Area category proceed to the Occupied/Dirty status, the Regular Housekeeping job will be scheduled. As because the job is closed quickly, it movements to the Clean position.

Much like what goes on with other jobs on Infraspeak, it is possible to associate an SLA to Housekeeper’s job opportunities while developing a status-structured automation. 

The Asset Dashboard

Housekeeper organises the obtainable rooms, teams along with other assets on an extremely intuitive panel: the Asset Dashboard, where each column corresponds to a standing and each cards corresponds to a secured asset.

Through the Asset Dashboard it is possible to: 

  1.  Learn the status of resources.
  2. Assign tasks to your group or learn who they are designated to.
  3. Uncover the most relevant data concerning the access and assets more info.
  4. Learn which work with SLA are in risk of not really being finished.
  5. Move assets to some other status and result in automations manually (it is possible to just drag and fall the cards).
  6. Use filters which means you just see what you would like to notice.

Among other information, in the cards for every asset, you will be able to uncover the check-in and check-out date, the next job, who it really is designated to (or assign it utilizing the button) and tally of the SLA.  The icons and colour pallette make it simpler to interpret the given details, making the knowledge intuitive highly.

With Housekeeper, you free of charge yourself from repetitive duties, coordinate operations easily and make sure that everything is prepared and ideal to welcome your visitors. 


Begin using Infraspeak’s Housekeeper today and you’ll note that you feel as calm as your visitors soon!☺
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