Age CMMS over is. System of information, ie, those with the only real job of keeping and logging information, longer meet up with the demands of supervisors and operational teams simply no.

A lot more than basic repositories of information, groups seeking to be successful also to match the technological development of maintenance 4.0, require solutions that may transform the info they gather into automations and insights with real impact within their operations. Because of machine learning and synthetic intelligence, today this is simply not only possible, but the solution to increase efficiency also, quality and dependability of service.

After getting probably the most integrated upkeep management platform on the market, Infraspeak progressed to allow customers to build their very own custom solution – because of native apps, a large number of integrations and IoT – through Infraspeak Hub™.

Today, Infraspeak welcomes one to a worldwide world of intelligence, efficiency and automation.

Enter Infraspeak Gear™

Infraspeak Gear ™ may be the unique, intelligent motor of our – and yours! – maintenance management platform. It’s the mind which makes Infraspeak a intelligent system truly. The Gear enables it to consolidate all information gathered by procedures and teams and change it, through data cleverness, into suggestions, task and alerts automation.

Intelligent Recommendations

Our platform continually finds styles in the info it collects and learns as a result to provide you with intelligent suggestions that may save time – it could, for instance, suggest specific suppliers, property or material to keep company with a particular failure or scheduled function. 

In the illustration below, Infraspeak Gear™ instantly suggests the very best supplier in line with the kind of failure reported. A straightforward click would be to validate the suggestion and add the supplier sufficient.

Job Automation

Infraspeak Gear™ automates your workflows, assigns function orders and assists optimize your source allocation automatically.

For instance, you develop a work order once, Infraspeak Gear™ immediately assigns it to the specialists suitable for that sort of work. In this specific case, we related two technicians to the ongoing work order, because visible in the continuing work order details.


With all this said, smart automations and suggestions aren’t the complete story. Infraspeak Gear™ also can help you manage your operation with smart alerts in line with the automated identification of outliers.

Here’s how alerts function. In your asset checklist, for instance, several items could be identified having an Infraspeak Equipment™ icon, alerting you for having less a preventive maintenance program assigned compared to that asset. It is possible to create and assign an idea and directly through the alert quickly.

With automated suggestions, it’s easier to input information in the machine.

At the brief moment, we’re searching for outliers in a number of different data points. We’re searching for things that stick out in your operational or technical information. Things that will vary than what we’d be prepared to see. For instance “this user takes 3 x longer to full this, when compared to all of those other group”.

Certainly, this may happen because of amount of different reasons however the reality that we’re in a position to identify and inform the supervisor of a possible issue is already crucial for all of us.

– Luís Martins, Founder & VP of Item na Infraspeak

Gear up for future years of maintenance administration

Intelligent servicing is here to remain and Infraspeak may be the gateway into that planet. Talk to among our specialists and obtain prepared to take your procedure in to the future of smart upkeep.  Find out more at Infraspeak Gear™ website .

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