IFMA To Provide Upskill Training For JLL Facility Managers

IFMA TO SUPPLY Upskill Training For JLL Facility Managers

Working out initiative is largest-ever for the International Facility Management Association; will prepare current JLL facilities managers for the “workplace into the future.”

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In the largest training relationship in its history, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) will provide training to JLL Work Dynamics facilities management professionals. More than 1,200 of JLL’s Americas-based facility managers will have the opportunity to pursue IFMA’s Facility Management Professional™ (FMP®) credential.

“This relationship will empower our facilities management teams to provide industry-leading expertise that helps our clients achieve their broader business objectives,” said Cheryl Carron, Global Head, Facilities Experience and Management, JLL Work Dynamics . “Providing world-class training is really a critical facet of creating new career paths for valuable talent which new collaboration creates ample opportunities for personal development and career growth, which are crucial tools for recruitment of top facilities talent.”

In its first year, the multi-year agreement shall provide training for 1,220 JLL professionals, to get JLL’s vision for the workplace into the future. Following the Americas implementation, JLL will offer you the FMP program to its facilities management employees in other regions round the global world.

“Today’s FMs are crucial to driving employee engagement, on-site experience, and creating spaces which are cost engaging and effective,” said Sanjay Rishi, Americas CEO, Work Dynamics, JLL. “The FMP designation recognizes those people who are built with the advanced facilities management expertise and soft skills to provide exceptional value to organizations.”

The IFMA FMP program builds core competencies and skills that facilities management professionals have to develop their workplaces. The FMP program will upskill participants in the critical regions of management and operations, project management, business and finance, and strategy and leadership.

“Through this collaboration, we’ve a chance to elevate the facility management profession on an easy scale to benefit organizations all over the world,” said Don Gilpin, IFMA CEO and ​President. “We are very happy to get together with JLL on the largest training initiative in our history and working together to redefine the value of the FM role.”

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