iCleanse To Help Curb Spread Of COVID-19 In Nursing Homes 

iCleanse provides partnered with Athena HEALTHCARE to provide 51 assisted living facilities in the Northeast with iCleanse’s patented UV-C disinfecting products. The technology will undoubtedly be used to disinfect commonly used devices for COVID-19 along with other virus infection and safety control.

iCleanse’s chemical-free UV-C technologies kills pathogens, just like the flu, typical cold, and COVID-19.¹ Made with businesses, employees, clients, and patients at heart, iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock) supplies a wide variety of products for each workflow. iCleanse items disinfect high touch areas, such as for example mobile tablets and cell phones, along with stethoscopes, ID badges, keycards, and several other items daily used. With the charged energy of iCleanse UV-C disinfection systems, users can disinfect products in under 30 seconds with 99.9% of infectious pathogens killed. There’s no liquid found in the disinfecting process, just ultraviolet light.

iCleanse Swift

Healthcare facilities have already been working hard to safeguard patients and employees from contracting and spreading COVID-19. One technique to curb outbreaks is using UV-C Technology, like the iCleanse Swift, to disinfect frequently touched devices and items which are passed from individual to individual. iCleanse Swift reduces the spread of infectious pathogens to nursing home employees and patients by killing 99.9% of bacteria on gadgets and other items in under 30 seconds.

iCleanse is used in a huge selection of U.S. nursing and hospitals homes, where over 87% of nurses and physicians are employing technology such as for example tablets and smartphones, along with other items and devices like stethoscopes. Devices save time taken between patients by inputting patient information; providing patient check-ins; and tracking visitors.  Keeping healthcare facilities open, safe, and efficient is iCleanse’s main concern.

For over three decades,  Athena  HEALTHCARE Systems, located in Farmington, CT,  is a regional leader in providing  skilled nursing care, short-term, post-hospital rehabilitation, senior and assisted living, in addition to home health, hospice care, and private duty  program services.

iCleanse Swift Mini

“The iCleanse  units have already been well-received  and greatly appreciated by the teams at our centers,”  said Larry  Santilli, President, and CEO, Athena HEALTHCARE Systems. “Assisted living facilities across the country have already been significantly influenced by COVID-19 and Athena HEALTHCARE Systems went to extraordinary lengths to supply protection, whether in the types of PPE or the most recent technology in the iCleanse  units, to guarantee the ongoing safe practices of our staff. The units provide not merely another known degree of infection prevention but additionally provide satisfaction for our dedicated, compassionate caregivers. Chris Allen and his team are suffering from a great tool to check our expanding infection prevention program.”

“I am excited to partner with Mr. Santilli at Athena Health Care Systems, providing them with UV-C disinfection they can trust,” said Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse. “It is essential during these times to keep workers and residents safe from viruses and harmful bacteria that can lead to infection, including COVID-19. Our products shall supply the necessary tools had a need to fight this pandemic.”

¹ Tested with COVID-19 Surrogate OC43.

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