Hygienic pedestrian traffic control from TORMAX

Supplying a modular treatment for the pressing dependence on shops, offices, public structures and schools to even more regulate the amount of individuals entering their facility carefully, TORMAX has released a fresh add-on module, TORMAX count+go.

Employed in tandem with any TORMAX folding or sliding automated entrance, this module controls the amount of people entering a location effectively, setting the hinged doorway to close whenever a pre-set limit is attained. In addition, it synchronises the timing of access to make sure a hygienic physical length is maintained between people.

“The TORMAX count+proceed module is fast and simple to set up and doesn’t need any extra sensors, immediately freeing up a recognized employee from having to endure at the doorway regulating access,” mentioned Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX United kingdom.

“Monitoring foot visitors is good business exercise, when social distancing guidelines are relaxed even, ensuring safety and wellness regulations aren’t breached and helping give a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.”

Along with closing the doors once the maximum amount of people entering a location has been achieved, TORMAX count+move issues an obvious acoustic transmission to alert pedestrians to hold back. As an individual exits the building quickly, bringing the quantity down back, the hinged doorway returns to the open operating mode.

For more visual announcements to customers, TORMAX count+go can be available having an elegant screen stand having a large keep track of for customised messaging. Another monitor could be integrated as an electronic advertising panel also.

To learn more visit www.tormax.co.uk or e-mail product sales@tormax.co.united kingdom


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